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  1. Banned for having a Scania as your picture.
  2. Hi @MarioV, Your chat message (and other people's messages) will only be seen by the people within a 1km radius of you in both ETS2 and ATS. You can check this by pressing the TAB key, and it will show the players within a 1km radius of you right now. I have a few people say the occasional "hello" in the chat when they are passing by, but personally I rarely respond because its kind of challenging for me to text on the keyboard while driving with my G27 so I try to honk or flash the high beams once in return or something similar. Hope you see where I'm coming from. Regards, sko0923.
  3. 2011+ Subaru WRX STI
  4. Hi @riskywhale, -1 in my opinion. Judging by how long reports and other things take nowadays I can only imagine how clogged up the TMP team is, and having as said 1 million users apply for the car would only cause more problems. Besides, what kind of application will it be? If its a simple application where you apply, get accepted and that's it, any smart troll can easily make something up and get the car. If its something complex like actually going through a series of tests, how in the world would this work with the ratio of TMP staff < players. Regards, sko0923
  5. That's pretty cool. Maybe it was a rough draft and they forgot to take it out? As those look pretty dull and have little detail (especially the 1st one) compared to the current ones we have in game.
  6. @[iETC] Gorillaz I totally understand what you mean and I actually wanted something like this added for a similar reason to you in the past. Good luck with your suggestion.
  7. I venture out there every now and then. I think the little amount of people relates to the high price of the DLC (it is often higher than the actual base version of ETS2, and is the most expensive DLC). If I am not in the mood to be trolled or in traffic, I head down there as I don't think I've had one bad driver encounter out west.
  8. Banned for only having 4 posts.
  9. @6DEM0N6 lol, that just makes me frustrated watching that video haha. I don't think I've seen anything like it with that many people overtaking at once, and I am in Duisburg pretty often.
  10. Hi @Jeremyv1990, You need to buy the DLC that you want to see on the Steam store (under your steam library, go to ETS2/ATS, and click find more DLC in store) and select that. If you do not buy the DLC, you will see a replacement (such as the long black flat beds for the heavy haul DLC). TruckersMP cannot show you something you don't own in game, as this violates SCS's EULA for their games. You can probably see people's add-on's in ETS2 because you have that DLC, or are looking at something that comes with the game and is not a DLC. Regards, sko0923
  11. Scania R730 for me. I like the handling, the power and the looks .
  12. Hi @cathalgall, -1 personally. As stated above it would probably be chaos, plus I think AI is what singleplayer is for. In multiplayer there should be no AI, it should be only be real people driving vehicles, regardless if the roads are empty or not. Plus, I think people would stop paying attention to which vehicle's are being controlled by a human and which are being controlled by AI, which would lead to people not being so cautious, following real people too closely when they think its AI and having them lag, recklessly driving around them expecting them not to move out of their lane, etc etc. Plus, I can't even imagine the server lag which would happen if you placed 100 thousand if not more AI vehicles around the map and synced them for everybody. Its probably unrealistic at this day and age. Regards, sko0923
  13. Hi @[iETC] Gorillaz, As I mentioned in the other topic you posted please use the correct format for suggestions. Suggestion Name: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?: Secondly, I think this would be a cool idea, but not sure how this would work. And this is probably something you should suggest to the developers of the game, and not the multiplayer mod here: A few things to keep in mind are, if you know a bit about computers, no matter if you have a "dashcam", or whatever, it is still recording the gameplay to your computer which would cause just as much lag to your computer, if not more because its a separate video than the one that's currently being showed on your screen. I use OBS for my recordings and it pretty much does not create any additional lag to my gameplay, a free download of it can be found here: Regards, sko0923
  14. Hi @[iETC] Gorillaz, First of all, please use the correct format: Suggestion Name: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?: Secondly, this has already been suggested many times and rejected. Not necessarily pickup trucks specifically, but a different variety of cars in general. Please search before posting a new suggestion, as stated above. The Scout took over a year to develop, so something like this would just take the TMP teams time which they can use for more beneficial things for everybody such as in game economy system IMO. Besides, the majority of people who take the game seriously dislike the current Scout as it is a common troll tool (me not included, I use it responsibly but take the game seriously). Here is a few topics about a similar thing: Regards, sko0923
  15. @megadethsteve666 fair enough. I guess you are right, and people should be able to play how they like, within reason. As for the overtaking part, yes its their fault but that doesn't change the situation you are in. While yes its a video game not being at fault won't help the damage to your truck and load. Me personally, I am in between the two extreme's but probably more towards the realistic side. I often speed and drive way faster than a truck with a trailer would IRL (140+ kp/h on straight portions), however I stop at all red lights, have the players on the mini map turned off, engine brake, drive with my G27, and a bunch of other things that I can't name off the top of my head. So, the only thing I probably do unrealistically is the speeding part.