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  1. What type of license have you got?

    I have a bike and car license where I live.
  2. Understood ;) :troll:

  3. Out in Scandinavia a few days ago :):tmp:


    1. teamdeer


      Oh, loos good with the snow. Better enjoy it while it lasts!

    2. ShawnCZek


      It looks cool! ^_^

    3. [ FC  CEO ] Cooper-NL
  4. Banned because you banned someone for banning the same person twice.
  5. Staff Convoy 11.03.2018

    Should be there, see all of you guys who are also coming, and hello to everyone who will be watching the live stream.
  6. Ghost Moddeyken Ban Yedim Böyle Saçmalık Olamaz Gerekenin Yapılmasını Arz Ediyorum 


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    2. BerkaYYY


      İtiraz bileti yerine itiraz talebi denirse daha uygun olur bence :) @CrackPrewier

    3. CeyhunAtac



      Ghost Mode Peki Niçin Yaptılar Peki Açıklasınlar Bunları Oyuna Girdim 5 Dk Durmadan Ban Yedim TruckersMp 100 Saat Ets2 Oynayanıda Admin Yapıyor 200 Satt Oynayanıda Oyunda Gereksiz Admin Dolu

    4. bluesbass


      Proper answer was given// Locked.

  7. Offline?

    Hello, If it shows "offline" in the corner of the screen, it means you are not connected to the server. When you first join, does it say something like "cannot connect due to internet issue" or kick you right after establishing a connection? Screenshots/video of your situation would greatly help to identify and solve your problem.
  8. A Question About Ban Appeals

    Hello, It shouldn't take more than 4 days for your ban appeal to be looked at. Most get looked at the same day.
  9. A bit late, but welcome to the team! Congrats :)

    1. K0rnholio


      It's never late - take my reply for example as I was at work. Nonetheless, thank you :D :tmp:

  10. Banned because you are Carrera18.
  11. New multiplayer mods.

    I think 100 or even 50 is way too high. However, something like 10, possibly 15 hours, would work better in my opinion.
  12. Increase/remove the 200 player queue limit

    -1 from me. The queue reduces server lag, when say 20 people attempt to join at once. Secondly, as mentioned above there are other servers which are always low on players which you can join. If you want to join EU2, waiting a few minutes should not be a major annoyance. In most games waiting times are about as much as currently to get into EU2 at peak hours. 200 players is more then enough.
  13. What do you use?

    1. Do you use motor brake? Yes 2. Do you play on a steering wheel? Yes (G27) 2.1 Do you use sequential shifting or H-Shifter? H shifter 2.2 Do you have 2 or 3 pedals? 3 pedals 3. What is your favorite truck? At the moment new gen Scania R. 3.1 How many HP does it have? 450hp 3.2 What is the cab configuration? R series 4x2, exclusive V8 cab. 4. How many DLC’s do you have (write them)? All the expansion DLC's, some country ones paints, and some other paints and packs (like Michelin, Mighty Griffin, etc) 5. Do you join convoys? Ocasionally. 6. Do you sometimes go C-D just for fun? Its part of my job.
  14. Banned because you aren't one either.
  15. Ready for todays Real Ops 3 :D . See you out there guys!



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    2. Kappa :)

      Kappa :)

      Waiting, I think it will be an epic event :)

    3. RequieB


      see you mate :)

    4. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      yeah see you there :)