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  1. steering wheel help

    Thread locked on authors request. /locked and moved to solved.
  2. Congratulations mate! :) Enjoy the new rank. 

  3. I try to ignore them, my goal is to get out of the situation and continue with my game, not to get them in trouble as a retaliation. If they cause damage and don't leave me alone, I submit a report on the website.
  4. Congrats on the new rank! :) 

    1. KhaosHammer


      Thank you mate! :wub:

  5. Congrats on the promition! :) 

  6. Discussion about truck brands

    Its really on personal preference. I used to have a Volvo FH16, but recently swapped to a Scania Streamline for variety. Volvo was better in my opinion, but reason I am sticking with Scania is because it is not too far off, and has the Mighty Griffin DLC pack. I also like the tach better.
  7. глючит грузовик

    Здравствуйте @we76*==\/==*, Тоже можна проверить скорость вашего интернета здесь: . Если вы хотите, вы можете поделиться с вашем результатом, и можно определить если скорость вашего интернета фактор, или как-то влияет на вашу проблему. Всего наилучшего, sko0923.
  8. Game crashes on startup.

    Hi @Luksenburg00, Answers were given. Has your problem been resolved? Regards, sko0923.
  9. My experience as a brand new ETS2 player

    Making money in multiplayer is fully possible, I have over 3 billion Euros on my profile with no hacks or cheats, and I made most of it in MP. I was about $400k in debt at one point, due to a similar situation as you. How I did it, I got a loan from the bank and bought my own truck. This eliminated me from having to do quick jobs, since they most of the time give you no profit because of the time difference between SP and MP. Plus, its a whole lot nice having your own wheels to travel around in. Started doing jobs, paing back the loan, and at the same time work towards buying another truck and hiring a driver in one of my garages. This driver will also earn you extra profit in the long run. But, I made sure that I had enough money in my hands in case I needed to repair my truck, and things of that nature. I then bought more trucks and hired more drivers, to the point I am at now. There are plenty of ways you can earn money and be successful in the games of ETS2 and ATS, and mine is just one way I did it. I think part of the fun in the game is choosing and planning out this method, and seeing how it works. Best of luck to you, and enjoy your game. See you on the roads sometime.
  10. TMP

    Hi @BlazingWolfe, Answer was given. Was your question answered? Regards, sko0923.
  11. Company

    Hi @ItzDenis, Answer was given. Are you satisfied with this answer? Regards, sko0923.
  12. How can I change my name tag if I have banned

    Hi @sniegu29b, Answers have been given. Was your question answered? Regards, sko0923.
  13. Unsupported version

    Hi @Styblo, Multiple answers were given. Has your problem been resolved? Regards, sko0923.
  14. Beacons off Option in the settings

    +1 I think this a good idea. Those with lag due to beacons can shut them off client side, and therefore the rule for not having beacons in populated areas will be able to get taken off.
  15. I think it worked out great. Perhaps even better than the usual convoy events that are held.