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  1. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @DesertEagle26 rejoins the Game Moderation Team.
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  2. ... And we just reached another milestone! Let's see how long the next thousand posts will take I hope everyone of you had amazing Holidays so far - just as I did! Wish you all the best for the coming days and a Happy New Year if I won't manage to create another status update in between. How will you celebrate this year's New Years Eve? Make sure to let me know!
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  3. Merry Christmas Everyone ?? Hope you all had a great day
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  4. [PLAYER] @maksch joins the TruckersMP Team as Support Trainee.
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  5. Hello TruckersMP! I had a beautiful convoy today with @Boring_ and his VTC. I just wanna say THANK YOU so much for inviting me. I really enjoyed this convoy, and i'm sure that @[C-S] karol_domag, @henzsa and @Adrian22-PL enjoyed this event as well. Kind regards, El Reja TruckersMP Game Moderator & Translator
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  6. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Noxii has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
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  7. Our memories are often skewed by the way we want to see things.
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  8. Wolves™ Chrıstmas Convoy ? with./? @[GökBörü] Ricky {16} | @JoxyS ? ? Merry Christmas TruckersMP ?
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  13. [GAME MODERATOR + COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Roenz has been suspended from the team due to a breach of the Information Security Policy.
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  14. The roads in the Baltic states were always among my favourites. But now during the winter, they are simply breathtaking, stunning... ?
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  16. Some Pictures I took after the TMP Christmas convoy
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  17. Hello guys, Merry Christmas and a very very happy new year. I have been working for TMP for last 9 months. I tried to help TruckersMP as much as I could. Hope there will be a lot of things in 2021, If I am here. So with all hopes, I wish you all have a very very happy 2021 year. God bless you all.
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  18. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone! This year has probably been extremely challenging for all of us in many different ways and some of you will be spending Christmas apart due to the lockdowns and restrictions in place meaning you won't be able to enjoy that proper Christmas Spirit! I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and that new years round the corner will bring you all something wonderful!
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  19. [GAME MODERATOR] @Mr. Calvin rejoins the Community Moderation team as Discord Moderator while remaining in the Game Moderation team.
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  20. [PLAYER] @TeamDeer rejoins the team as Add-On Manager.
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  21. ? Good morning in the evening ? Whats up TMP
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  23. So, it's a Christmas? At when the time has passed that fast in 2020 with a feel that nothing has been done? Anyways, wish everyone has a Happy New Year.
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  24. Merry Christmas to everyone at TruckersMP and the community who drives the multiplayer to make it a highly enjoyable and interesting experience every single day. You are all amazing. Take care and be safe! ???
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  25. I'd like to to wish a Merry Christmas for everyone no matter if celebrate it or not. This year has been special and I want to thank everyone for your help and support to our mod. Enjoy your well deserved holidays, Cheers!!
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  27. [SUPPORT] @Rico. leaves the team due to personal reasons.
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  28. [SUPPORT TRAINEE] @[C-S] PolskiBelgia6 has been promoted to Trial Support.
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  29. > @Bolts >Today I raced for the first time in my life, but even though I was a beginner, I had a lot of fun, everything was great !!! <
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  30. So as a Christmas comes to a close, I just wanna thank the community for making this year bearable, I honestly mean that, I have spent so much time with this community, more than usual. I have had the biggest laughs with you all, some to the point where my belly hurts. Thank you so much x
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  32. Merry Christmas ??! Stay safe and enjoy your time with friends and family if you can and are allowed to ;)!
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  33. 2020 has been a tough year. This year hasn't been the year that people wanted, nor expected but unfortunately it is what it is - there is nothing we can do apart from keep safe. Regardless, I wish you all a happy, Merry Christmas. Keep in close contact with your family and friends because life is hard right now for everyone, even if they're going through the littlest of things. I hope you all have a good christmas and a happy new year too. ?
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  35. You're becoming more of yourself each day. That's something to celebrate.
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  36. Merry Christmas all, stay safe and I hope you all have a lovely day!??
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  38. From me I would like to wish a merry chirstmas to this community and looking foward for the new year ! A Special Thanks to @Beregor for this early christmas present twitch.tv/beregor Regards, Tuna_ TruckersMP Game Moderator & Translator
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  41. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @NoPatr1ck has been promoted to the position of Report Moderator.
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