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  1. Road to the Black Sea DLC'sindeki Tüm Yeni Kamyon Bayileri Iași (Romanya) - DAF Bucharest (Romanya) - Iveco Constanța (Romanya) - Iveco Galați (Romanya) - Iveco Cluj-Napoca (Romanya) - MAN İstanbul (Türkiye) - Mercedes Sofia (Bulgaristan) - Renault Pitești (Romanya) - Scania Brașov (Romanya) - Volvo Plovdiv (Bulgaristan) - Volvo
  2. Thank you for following me 😊

  3. Thanks for information. Now we will get rid of trolls more quickly.
  4. Happy 4th anniversary to Tango Transport , good luck with your event
  5. Congratulations TruckersMP
  6. I think the skoda should change completely. New model should be added.
  7. I use modes: Hemil's Route Advisor (SiSL Edit) SiSL's Trailer Pack SiSL's FlatUI Real European Gas Stations
  8. 1.Scandinavia 2.Road to the Black Sea 3.Beyond the Baltic Sea 4.Italia 5.Vive la France 6.Going East
  9. 13 December 2014 When I just started TruckersMP. I saw a few people and went directly to the service to take a picture of that moment. Note: On the right side, the trailer in the middle of the road is mine.
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