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    [ADMIN] @Djinsomnia #Wish64 has returned to the IGA team as a full admin. [ADMIN] @LadyAndromeda promoted to full IGA.
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    No chance for police http://plays.tv/video/5a0b0c93c86411ab4a/xd
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    As of today, I have been on TruckersMP for 3 years. https://truckersmp.com/user/9806
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    Just found this on YT: It's almost 2 years old, but still applies today...
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    No czyli tak jak wiele osób myślało, zostanie pominięta wersja 1.29 Ps. @Aves znowu byłeś o kilka sekund szybszy xD
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    Children In Need 2017 is closing in, only 1 days to go!
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    A few picture from the Declasse Merit with the Rotary Lightbar from GTA IV.
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    @BL4CK$K1LL made a signature for me :D. Yes, yes I know it looks good what did you expect?
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    Hello TMP-Family...^^´ How do you feel today? I'm ready for a great day,i wish you all a nice day and a good ride!
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    Why not come and join a Minecraft community? https://discord.gg/PHapP3A https://softuf.com/
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    Happy Birthday @Schon239 @Samet Capkin @DjaniInGame @[TSRVTC ] DubStepMad @[DRGE] Dipsy @A.Sergeevich_39 @Lucas Peterbilt @handlusive @callum603 @pasasero61 @Dolleris1511 @justinbuckeye @Gorkal1ty @jabbyreal @OfficialJsP & @fischmax57
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    This steamprofile picture is awesome :'D Why a duck on fire? @derpatrick9
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    Un très grand merci à vous deux: j'ai suivi vos conseils et tout refonctionne. Merci beaucoup
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    Bu saatte başka yerde bulamazsın
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    Z tego co się dowiedziałem to w piątek jest dzień wolny w Czechach więc beta albo jutro albo w przyszłym tygodniu, obstawiam bardziej przyszły tydzień ale SCS jest nieprzewidywalne
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    That moment when you arrange to trade a key for an Endo with someone on Rocket League but forgets that all your keys are under a five days trade cooldown.
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    Aaand that's enough internet for me today...
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    Тэг K7V о многом говорит. Каджак вырастил целое поколение "артистов народного театра и балета"...
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    @BL4CK$K1LL, спасибо Вам огромное! А то пересмотрел много похожих видео, но нигде помощи не нашёл. P.S. Проблема решена.
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    Hi Guys! As some of you may know, a close friend of mine, SparklingOreo has passed away recently. To celebrate his life, we are organising an event for him. However, we will need CC to do this - If you are willing to help us out, please join here: https://discord.gg/Dst7avm Thank you
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    ! Hello TruckersMP be happy today ! Good Day !: Thanks for photo @Horizon!
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    Throwback to when I was in ETR(now called TSRVTC) for like a week, lol
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    Happy Birth-day my VTC friend, happy birth-day, happy birth-day wishing you have a very happy birth-day
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    Thanks for following me <3 Welcome to the LSPD Crew
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    I obviously cannot give away any details but I just want to say that (this is specifically to any person I may have banned yesterday) all the ban evidences from yesterday's play session are still being processed and have yet to be uploaded so if it seems I am taking a while a respond to appeals, well, that's because I actually am. I've got a LOT of stuff to sort out and edit and upload this time around and that's why it's taking a while longer than I normally take. So, if you have been banned by me yesterday and have not yet heard back from me on your appeal or simply wants to see the evidence of your ban, then please be patient. I am working on it and will be responding as soon as possible. I just need those videos to be online as quickly as I can before I can deal with those appeals. Please be patient.
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    Happy Birthday @kieuu @Yamajaish @Mayster [PL] @Tetrisal @Tetrisall @Quick @LilH3ro @??G?? #KingOfTheRoad @Hameryo @PitterBDG @DeclanW075 @JoeyBogaars @Tomas Fixinho & @Kesci_Man
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    "Open your headlights" A qoute from an admin xdd
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    Interested in a convoy? UNITE 2017 starts in 20 minutes! Come to Manchester WGCC EU#1. We'd love to see you there!
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