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  1. John_24


    Trailer ownership comes free as a base game update
  2. Seems like a lifetime since I've posted anything on TMP. I wonder if the staff scrapped the whole Ai traffic on MP idea

  3. John_24

    Police Tickets

    I can definitely see a sort of traffic police giving speeding tickets and for breaking traffic laws.
  4. Chances are remotely impossible because the DLC Involves AI vehicles
  5. Hi everybody, I have a tech question for those that would definitely know. 


     I just brought a faster processor for my laptop 2.66Gzhz clock speed. Do I need to upgrade the video card/graphics too?

  6. Well, I don't have experience with desktops with games, however this Asus laptop 2.4 processor runs well on ATS ams ets2 ams Cities:Skylines. I also feel like it just all depends on one's budget
  7. Ats is now in open beta. Thus unplayable in the current version, please downgrade to 1.30 to play atsmp.
  8. I really wish and hope that 1 day special transport DLC can be added to MP. I understand the complexity however I still believe it is very possible

  9. Hey hey, everybody, I'll be in ATSMP for a while. I am currently in Oxnard if anyone wants to run a few loads with me!!!

  10. Any updates on the special transport DLC addition?
  11. I hope for a really great Tuesday!

  12. I take it that with the banner of the Special Transport DLC down, I can almost assume that it will not be supported.....Can't say that I am shocked because that one is quite complex and it would have been difficult to attempt have 2,300 player on average render the content, avoid most trolls from crashing into the escort vehicles and optimize the server for minimal lag.


  13. So basically ATSMP will pretty be on an outdated version until scs patches 1.30 which will not be for months. What a crack of bs man. I honestly believe that TMP gave this excuse just to only work on ETS2 smh. I'm done with these lame excuses and I'm done with TMP. American gamers matter too and this is their way of forcing us Americans to play ets2mp for those that love no. Very disappointed 

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