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  1. heey mate try look up on this vtc http://www.brownsdistributionvtc.co.uk/ they are always looking for a good driver an friendly
  2. a_noobie_plays


    thats not what i have benn qut for mate sorry to say but its not..
  3. a_noobie_plays


    why does some admins dont like danish ppl?
  4. ha en team speak som kan bilv brug til os dansker vis det er
  5. you got a new follow on twich :)

  6. you guys migth driv to fast? i can driv from aalbrog to winen qut refull once time
  7.  i need some help... i got a friend som got a campany called dansk fragtmand on myvtc an some one try to  say its fake an any things an want try to get him banned on  mp now coz of it... if he get banned i know who got you admins to do it just for tell he have been on myvtc for over month with that name.


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    2. a_noobie_plays


      yup an hhe got it on myvtc for over  months.. an they want him banned from for talk a pm on facebook..


    3. SlavaH


      I dont see what he is doing wrong here?

    4. a_noobie_plays


      nothing but my friend try to tell them he got on myvtc an he got after the rules 4 drivers a it an now they want him get banned for tell them it.. danish ppl... aslo only 15 years old kids some thing they know more end ohters..

  8. fix conlins ares....... piz its so many problems........ stil!

    1. a_noobie_plays


      thye just fix it for some time ago.


  9. hmm soon a update on way or???? .  i want to play again :) guys ! :D

  10. hello guys any some can help me if i want a skin some phoniex from scaina to volvo a mp som wil help:)?

    1. Forerunner


      Check the guides section on save editing. If that doesn't help, pm me.

    2. a_noobie_plays


      ty runner but i not great to do things lik that by me self :)

  11. ^ its done mate know not much but i soon got more for the channel
  12. aswome videos mate i aslo got a channel but not that big as yours
  13. hello guys we doing a convony for  person who its dead so meet us a uppsala... repair going in for 25 mins :) eu 3 com an join this 

  14. hello guys we are som ppl a eu 3 a Uppsala repair we are doing a convony a player some a friend knowed its dead so if ppl want to join it can meet up in for 40 min... meet up :) if you want :) also admin some want to join we dont got any are to end yet :) but we driv an do it for him :)

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    2. Synplex


      I would love to join you for such an event, unfortunately if I use my wheel the partner may wake up and who knows what'll happen to me :mellow: but I wish you luck and a safe drive! :)

    3. FirestarteR93


      @Philip1212 pls, it was 5AM for me xD

    4. a_noobie_plays


      heey guys abut danish time 22.. we wil do some a little convony for him again:) 

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