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  1. But sadly you dont know which ban I am complaining about

    1. Creatured


      well that ban is expired so it won't get removed as your appeal was rejected for a reason


    2. Creatured


      also if you want to argue is the darned PM SYSTEM NOT THE STATUS UPDATES!


  2. 1 she banned me 2 this status wasnt locked a few min ago and 3 I didnt break the damn rules. Whats your problem? How do you know?

    1. Creatured


      i can see who banned you

      your active ban belongs to fatal and not Mariio also see this as your verbal and iam locking this status too!

  3. I know you r busy but dont forget to check your pm's. Waiting for almoust a week now :( 

  4. ey marrio, have u recieved ma message? :D

    1. Mari'


      Yes and I'm busy

    2. Tomas1999


      ah ok, never mind

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