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  1. A handy thing for people to remember is the "All Good Kids Like Milk" (AGKLM) safe driving philosophy: A: Aim high in steering. Try looking forward far ahead and reading the traffic on the road. This keeps you centered in your lane and gives you an ability to predict changes in the traffic ahead of you. Looking down at the road or staring directly at the vehicle in front of you can result in being to close to the edge of the road, too close to the center line, or not give you enough time to react or adapt to rapidly changing traffic and/or road conditions. G: Get the big picture. Look for and avoid potentially dangerous situations on the road ahead way before they become an issue. Identifying and understanding your surroundings on the road will provide time for reacting safely to what you see. Getting the big picture helps us to see opportunities we would miss if we were not paying attention. K: Keep your eyes moving. By watching what is ahead, next to, and behind you, you have more control of your surroundings in your vehicle. This gives you time to prepare for vehicles that are passing, getting ready to possibly move into your path, or just being aware of who is around you on the road. L: Leave yourself an out. This is a defensive driving technique of always trying to maintain an acceptable speed and distance from other vehicles as an escape tactic if an unexpected accident occurs. In driving, usually, the only space you can be sure of being able to use is that on your right and that directly in front of you. By ensuring that you're at least one car length away from the cars around you, or at least two seconds behind the car ahead of you, you have a safety zone and room to maneuver. M: Make sure they see you. Making eye contact (or in the case of the game - radio contact), and using your signals and any other form of communication to make other drivers aware that you are here. It is very rare that someone will pull out in front of you and cut you off if they see you on the road. Most drivers are courteous and will acknowledge your presence on the road. Using your signal lights, headlights, horn and even making eye contact are a few ways to make driving safer and easier.
  2. Mercedes Sprinter. I used to love driving those things for work. lol
  3. Yeah, "rubber neckers" totally suck. Both IRL and in this game.
  4. You see both in Australia, but the Volvos have been far more common for a lot longer. Anyway, I maintain that the only reason that the votes for Scania are so high is because they have a tuning pack available to them and Volvo doesn't (yet). lol
  5. I have encountered this but in the reverse. I was driving along one day and there was someone behind me (who, incidentally seemed to be tailgating very close to me, made worse by my 300+ latency, despite my warning them of this over voice). All of a sudden, I could see in my rear view that they seemed to have collided with an invisible object... hard. I assumed that they had probably hit one of these random barriers and didn't notice it because they were far too close to me. Another time, in Italy, another driver overtook me at 150km/h (or so it seemed - I was hauling a 35t load at the time). Then, in the distance, I saw them swerve suddenly to avoid some invisible obstacle, then swerve back just as suddenly to avoid hitting the center barrier. They flipped and tumbled over the edge of the bridge we were going over. I'm still regretting the fact that I wasn't recording at the time that that one happened. Both were funny as hell from my perspective, but probably not for the other persons. LOL
  6. Nonsense. That is a slippery slope fallacy. Anyway, if a VTC punishes or expels the "black sheep" as a consequence of bad actions (as well as reporting them), fine. This shows that they value their own reputation. But any that are more concerned with quantity over quality and are weak on punishing their own members for bad actions, don't deserve to be allowed to exist as a VTC, as far as I'm concerned. As virtual, (semi) professional entities, VTCs should be held to a higher standard than normal players. Hence, their vetting process for allowing new members should also be more stringent.
  7. Even without a tuning pack, the Volvo FH16 clearly has the much more sleek look, which I personally prefer. Don't get me wrong, I do like Scania, but Volvo is the superior truck, imho. That (potential) 20hp difference and the fact that the Volvo has a straight block engine (way more torque) vs. the Scania's "V" engine is MASSIVELY noticeable when pulling a 25t+ load (ESPECIALLY up a hill).
  8. Even with a few less options, the Scania one still looks far better, no matter the combination used, imo. Meanwhile, I'm still mega butthurt that Volvo still doesn't have a tuning pack, yet. lol
  9. Indeed, I did think about it after reading your comment. So, now I've done all of the delivery locations so far, with only 5 to go now.
  10. Are you seriously comparing punishing a VTC (who should take responsibility for the actions of their members, or at the very least, take action against them, just like a real-life company should, by the way) with racism?! Wow. Way to completely insult actual targets of racism! The two are not even close to being on the same level. Not by a long shot.
  11. UK: Far less trolls. Far more friendlier players willing to have a nice chat with you. Best of all, they drive on the correct side of the road. EDIT: Scandinavia comes a close second. Less trolls and more friendlier players. I do also like the doubles. Downside is that they drive on the incorrect side of the road.
  12. I just want more tuning packs available - ESPECIALLY for Volvo.
  13. I've done the 10 base drops and one of the bonus ones so far. I recorded them all if anyone is interested. I should give a language warning, however. My videos are generally aimed toward older viewers and I am an Aussie after all.
  14. I try to ALWAYS stop at traffic lights. The only time I don't is if it happens by accident (since I am colour-blind). That's just my personal preference, since I'm a sucker for immersion. Lot's of people get annoyed at me for doing this, but they can either go around (safely) or just deal with it. I'm not going to move until it's green no matter how much someone horn spams or abuses me. lol
  15. Within city limits, I try not to speed. Outside that, all bets are off.
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