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  1. I could get behind this, but my "yes" vote would be conditional. There would need to be a "three strikes" rule or something to that effect in case of being rear-ended or some other unintended consequence.
  2. You're the second person to take what I said completely out of context.
  3. No. You're clearly competent at this game. But sadly, it is obvious that the same cannot be said for your reading skills. Please take note of where I specifically said, "It is far easier and safer to turn from the center lane than it is from the turning lane, especially with a heavy load or double/triple.". Why are people repeatedly glossing over that last part ("...especially with a heavy load or double/triple.")? Also, where did I say it was *impossible* with a single? What I *did* say was, "It is far easier and safer...", which is true, particularly for newer, less experienced players, who tend to turn too early. Even with a single trailer. I mean, surely you've seen multiple people clip, or get stuck on those barriers, ESPECIALLY with a heavy trailer or double/triple, but sometimes even a single?
  4. March 2015 - My very first truck: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=401336069 May 2017 - My favourite truck still to this day: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=936700523
  5. Yes, it's possible. But as I said, the suggestion I made is especially true for double/triple trailers and heavy cargo trailers. Even then, it is still easier to do as I suggested with a single trailer. Also, I don't particularly appreciate being quote mined, since the full context of what I actually said is important.
  6. I'd also add that a common mistake I see is on those very tight highway entrance ramps that are also exits with an island in the middle. Far too many people try to use the turning lane when turning right onto them (or left in GB). It is far easier and safer to turn from the center lane than it is from the turning lane, especially with a heavy load or double/triple.
  7. X-Box controller. It's not as good as a wheel, but it's miles better than keyboard and mouse, imho.
  8. I do. Because while ETS2 is a simulator, it is also a GAME. On top of that, the overwhelming majority of the "mayhem" you talk about has always been (and still is) in and around cities. This is why I agree with the 60km/hr speed cap within city limits. Because they seem to work. I don't agree with the general 110km/hr speed cap in general however, because I think it does little to nothing to help with that same "mayhem". In fact, I would much rather a bad driver overtaking me and getting as much distance between me and them as possible, than one hanging around in my vicinity due to a speed cap.
  9. Realism is fine and all, but overdoing it (which this limitation certainly does) can completely suck the fun out of it.
  10. I personally like the in-city speed limits of 60km/h. But I do think that the 110km/hr general speed limit is a bit much (as in having it at all outside of city limits is a bit stupid, imo). Sure, the game is a simulator. But I could counter with the fact that there is a big difference between accuracy and authenticity.
  11. Mercedes Sprinter. I used to love driving those things for work. lol
  12. You see both in Australia, but the Volvos have been far more common for a lot longer. Anyway, I maintain that the only reason that the votes for Scania are so high is because they have a tuning pack available to them and Volvo doesn't (yet). lol
  13. I have encountered this but in the reverse. I was driving along one day and there was someone behind me (who, incidentally seemed to be tailgating very close to me, made worse by my 300+ latency, despite my warning them of this over voice). All of a sudden, I could see in my rear view that they seemed to have collided with an invisible object... hard. I assumed that they had probably hit one of these random barriers and didn't notice it because they were far too close to me. Another time, in Italy, another driver overtook me at 150km/h (or so it seemed - I was hauling a 35t load at the time). Then, in the distance, I saw them swerve suddenly to avoid some invisible obstacle, then swerve back just as suddenly to avoid hitting the center barrier. They flipped and tumbled over the edge of the bridge we were going over. I'm still regretting the fact that I wasn't recording at the time that that one happened. Both were funny as hell from my perspective, but probably not for the other persons. LOL
  14. Nonsense. That is a slippery slope fallacy. Anyway, if a VTC punishes or expels the "black sheep" as a consequence of bad actions (as well as reporting them), fine. This shows that they value their own reputation. But any that are more concerned with quantity over quality and are weak on punishing their own members for bad actions, don't deserve to be allowed to exist as a VTC, as far as I'm concerned. As virtual, (semi) professional entities, VTCs should be held to a higher standard than normal players. Hence, their vetting process for allowing new members should also be more stringent.
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