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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. RickyWong


      Thank you so much! :)

  2. Sooo... does this mean that that one bugged heavy cargo trailer should work now without kicking you?
  3. Something tells me I am not the only father here who spent Christmas completely alone and cannot contact their children because a psycho ex-wife treats making false accusations against them as a hobby....
    Yeah.... "Merry" Christmas.

  4. Well, I drove a Renault and you can tell what I think of it (and the mood it helped to put me in) in my latest upload: 


    1. RickyWong


      For anyone interested in my final verdict, just forward to near the end of the vid. ;)

  5. I'm sorry this didn't solve the freezing issue for you, but I am glad to hear that it did indeed improve your overall game performance. I've personally never had much of an issue with freezes such as this in this game. It has never frozen for more that the splittiest of split seconds (Is that a real term? Meh. It is now. lol). Kid Fabi's suggestion looks very promising. Though, it kind of seems of a bit of a "sledgehammer for a nail" type of approach, but it should well and truly fix your problem. I'd try Harley's suggestion first. Just mho.
  6. My latest upload turned out to be... interesting. I also found it rather hilarious. :lol:


  7. Ah! Thank you! You've been most helpful!
  8. Cortex does this for you and is handy for those who aren't that "tech savvy".
  9. Other than turning down your video settings in-game, you could try doing a RAM cache cleanout before running the game. You could also try using a game accelerator, like Razer Cortex (which comes with recording software as well). Also make sure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date. I'm sure there are other suggestions that might help, but that's all I can think of for now. EDIT: Just thought of something else. Turn off all weather effects.
  10. It has been suggested to me on several occasions to consider making status updates rather than making a post. However, I do not seem to have an option to do it. I assume it is meant to appear above or near the status updates that others have posted? I've initially posted in this section because I am unsure if this is a bug or if it is just something that I have to enable. If it is indeed something that I need to enable, where might I find that option? I have tried searching for it or any topics relating to this, but to no avail.
  11. ^ Driving a truck through a dust storm is waaaay more fun, imo.
  12. Yeah, because peeved off players is always a good thing.
  13. It's not stupid at all. For safety's sake, IRL when I worked for FedEx and then UPS (y'know? The ones that put posties to absolute shame? ), I would drive with lights on at all times while driving - in Australia! I even began doing it with my own vehicle on weekends. You'd be amazed mow much difference it makes in making you more visible and avoiding accidents because people just "didn't see you" even in the middle of a sunny day. Remember the "M" in "All Good Kids Like Milk" (look it up on Google and you'll see the relevance).
  14. I'm quite happy with the rule changes. Like most people here, I'd say the rule tweak in regard to hacking is probably the best one. Kudos. Very happy to see that the rules have lightened up considerably regarding insults, by the way. I am so glad that reason and logic has prevailed somewhat, as well as the understanding that we are all mere humans.... well, most of us - I'm made up entirely of cats.
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