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Better Warning Driving Without Light

Lariphos [REC] [GER]

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Guest CrackPrewier

nice idea,ı agree with you because I close the chat area with f9 and I can not see the warning.a useful suggestion.

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I love this idea of this, it's actually happened to me a few times so I would love to see it added



Ps, I love all your truck accessories ;p 

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remember we were staring up to those peaks on the horizon +x


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+1 Maybe it would help some people to see, also because I know many players who can't see the red writing because they've got problems with their eyes.

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Actually I'd think that peoples should see it themselves, who forgets to turn on his lights when you'd see almost nothing without it?

I forgot it once in real-life at midnight, even in real-life there is more visibility than in this game without lights.

Therefore I don't think that this is really needed, since the darkness would caus enough warning.

Altough I'd still support this idea, because of the fact that.. If someone is driving without lights..

He at least can't say that we didn't warn him for it, when causing accidents.

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