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  1. Notepad veya farklı bir metin editörüyle açtığında sorun düzeliyorsa. Notepad++'ın ayarlarında sıkıntı var. Uygulamayı sil %APPDATA%'daki config dosyalarını da sil tekrar kur.
  2. +1 it would be nice to have your in game ID bold or colored in the chat.
  3. Takip için teşekkürler.

  4. Oradaki karakterler ascii karakter Küçük ı harfini, ğ harfini falan yapamazsın çünkü onlar ascii değil.
  5. Thanks for follow :)

    1. Athir*


      welcome mate


  6. -1. Childish. We already have enough christmas trees on the road, who drives with 10 high beams turned on. No need to give them rainbow colors as well.
  7. ets 2 : 1250 saat, 23 aralık 2016'dan beri oynuyorum. ats sarmadı https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=1703546
  8. Because you crashed to an ambulance now you are guilty. I will give you a better example. You are on high way driving 120km/h. Other vehicle enters to high way and crashes to you. Both parts are guilty. He is guilty for not giving way. You are guilty for speeding.
  9. -1 There is no way a script can determine who was guilty. Judging accidents require human presence and on most accidents both parts are guilty with different ratios of fault.
  10. Başvurun olumlu sonuçlanırsa mutlaka geri dönüş yaparlar. Ama 1 hafta ama 6 ay orası belli olmaz.
  11. Sounds like the issue is auto save. As far as I know you cannot turn off auto save. You can get rid of unnecessary garages that you have as well as fire the workers that you have. (Leaving 5 workers should be alright) By doing above things, you reduce the amount of data being saved on your hard drive which should decrease the amount of stutter a bit. Defrag your hard drive or get an SSD for better results.
  12. Loghaire

    Job Sync

    Take external contracts jobs (world of trucks) instead of freight market. Just refresh the list of jobs at the same time with your friend and you will get same jobs listed.
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