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  1. Missions/Routes with Friends (Party System)

    Basically the same suggestion as this one. Supported because the idea is just great.
  2. I've sometimes lag-drops myself, and either are very woried if someone is driving close behind me. In a lag-drop it gets very close to a crash sometimes, but it is something about network connection. My computer can handle it all, so there is no way for me to resolve this lag-drops that happen sometimes. Therefore I'd support this suggestion, it could really be usable.
  3. Own transport company

    Supported very much. I'd really wish to have this feature in-game.
  4. Better Warning Driving Without Light

    Actually I'd think that peoples should see it themselves, who forgets to turn on his lights when you'd see almost nothing without it? I forgot it once in real-life at midnight, even in real-life there is more visibility than in this game without lights. Therefore I don't think that this is really needed, since the darkness would caus enough warning. Altough I'd still support this idea, because of the fact that.. If someone is driving without lights.. He at least can't say that we didn't warn him for it, when causing accidents.
  5. Automatically kick players who spam their horn

    Supporting this, because it simple can be annoying. But only for these who keep pressing the horn button for 5+ seconds in a spee. Else I'm unable to horn to my friends when driving across them. =)
  6. Anyone do exclusively external contracts in MP like me

    I've done only world of trucks contracts yet, welcome to the club. =)
  7. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned for being a veteran driver without cargo nor helpful forum posts.
  8. New Police design (Europe)

    Just add a in dealership buyable paintjob for every nation, in that way they have realistic paint jobs everywhere on the map. =)
  9. Suggestion Name: Remove or edit the caravan feature. Any example images: Not necessary for this suggestion. Suggestion Description: Remove the caravans or edit the feature by allowing players to use it for fun, but not to deliver it as a truck-load. Why should it be removed/edited?: TruckersMP is a online mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which is a truck driving simulator, meant to drive trucks. Altough it is even fun to drive with cars and caravans, but its just a matter of non-realism and simple doesn't fit to the game-style that makes it a bad feature. This idea for caravans is great, but in my opinion players should be unable to deliver it for cash or any kind of score, simple because it doesn't fit the game-style. This is "Euro Truck Simulator 2" not "Caravan Racing Simulator 2018 v1 (open béta)" or something like that. Secondly it also causes a lot of dangerous driving. I've been hit by these caravan deliverers a lot of times, and either a lot of my buddies were hit by a lot of speeding caravans.. going with 150 over crossroads. As my final argument I either want to say, who will deliver a caravan behind a vehicle in real-life? They used to be delivered on trailers, and yes this is a game! But it is a simulation, delivering caravans like this is something that belongs to a fantasy game.
  10. up and coming

    I would like to have the ability to drive with double trailers in The Netherlands and Western Germany, since it is allowed to do in real-life too.
  11. Best trucks and why

    DAF for having the best interior and the best turning circle. Volvo for having a good powerful engine and comfortable driving.
  12. Allow fatigue simulation

    Supported, because I'd love realism in simulation games.
  13. An application fatal error!

    Ik heb dit ook gehad, heb het opgelost met zowel ETS2 als TruckersMP opnieuw te installeren. Nu werkt het weer gewoon normaal, een andere oplossing kan ik zo even niet bedenken.
  14. A Guide to Getting Recruited to Join the Team!

    Nice guide, could really help beginners in getting started.