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  1. My favorite city is Palermo because it looks very cosy and has a awesome atmosphere. However my favorite company is Bjork, which is a company that you'll find in the Scandinavian DLC. It's my favorite company because I'd simple like the layout of their trailers. Aside of that these companies are always located on places which are hard to reach. I'd love challange so that is where I'm searching for on any time.
  2. Your opinion about New Drivers

    Totally depends on the characteristic of the player, I've never played in single player, just opened the game and waited for the required amount of hours to downloaded the mod while being afk. But I've never been punished and never knowingly broke a rule of TruckeesMP. In my case this was mostly because I'd abide to the rules of real-life trucking. However, new players with a calm and representative attitude can accomplish this just by reading the rules very carefully and taking the time for reading it.
  3. What is the best DLC to ETS

    In my opinion it is Italia or Scandinavia, it's hard to choose between these. They both have something unique.
  4. [SCS Blog] Wood production chain

    Great to see more realism incoming.
  5. [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea New Industries 2

    Looks awesome already, I'm very excited about this upcoming DLC, keep it up!
  6. Easter Eggs

    I'll plan a route to these locations and try to find them, I'd think that would be a funny thing to do somehow. Thanks for the list.
  7. I made a little map to show dangerous areas in ETS2 MP

    You've done a very good job with this. Now peoples can know which roads they are better not taking if they wish not to crash. Well done.
  8. Baltic Sea DLC

    It actually does in some way. However I'm getting confused about the way they've described this.
  9. Baltic Sea DLC

    I've always wondered why Finland wasn't in the Scandinavia DLC, I'm glad to hear that it will be in another upcoming DLC. I'd personally love Finland, so I'd really hope that this DLC will come out as soon as possible.
  10. It's busy but not as busy as DC. However I'd really like to drive on this road. More because it has less toxic players as DC. In DC you have to be more alerted on people's with unrealistic driving. While this is more like a realistic traffic jam. I'd love this road because of that reason, some kind of improved version of the DC experience.
  11. R.I.P Truckersmp ?

    Ik maak me hier verder geen zorgen over, als het stopt dan stopt het en zal het heel jammer wezen. Als het niet stopt dan is dat alleen maar goed. Ik neem aan dat je het over in-game hebt hier? Ik heb inderdaad bijna 300,000 kilometer gehad op de vrachtwagen maar vindt Scania in het echt helemaal niet zo goed als dat er beweerd wordt.
  12. I'd play the game as a simulation on 99 precent of the time, the other one precent is whether I'm in a real-life hurry or in a annoyed mood. But as it is a simulation game, I'd always rather it to be played as a simulation.
  13. Best trucks and why

    I'd prefer DAF because it's the best truck that I've driven yet in real life, and like Iveco too in game. But that's more because it totally sucks in real-life, which makes it funny to drive in-game with.
  14. Actually the only locations where you can go to from the main map are the Faeröer Islands, Scotland, Northern England and Iceland, which are really nice locations to be added due to the spectacular roads and unusual landscaping. Further I would like to see a extention of Viva la France, adding Portugal, Andorra and Spain. And a extention of Scandinavia, adding Finland and Northern Norway.
  15. Also it would be great to add the countries on Eastern Europe: Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Turkey and the other countries there.