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  1. I've seen a lot of peoples struggling with reversing a double trailer already in the few months that I'm playing Euro Truck Simulator 2. Altought I've also seen a lot of peoples trying to park it into the unload-location, which is in most cases a very funny thing to watch. Therefore in this guide I'll show how to allow yourself scriptwise to park a double trailer in the hardest-possible way. And either I'll show you what would be the best way to train your skills in parking/unloading a double trailer. 1. How to make yourself able to hard-park a double trailer: As most of you might have noticed, you can't select the hard way to park with doubles when arriving at the unload location. This can simple be resolved by going to the "profile" files in your Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder, and click on the profile that you want to use. "In case of multiple profiles you can login with your in-game profile and reload the folder, it will be the one on top (last used) after doing this". In the profile folder you should open the "(config) .cfg file", and change the number behind this line: "g_simple_parking_doubles" from 1 to 0. Now you will be able to hard-park your trailer in-game, in addition you can also auto-select hard-parking by setting "g_parking_difficulty" to 2. 2. How to reverse with a double trailer in case of driving into a death-end road: A lot of peoples would be able to find their way out here, but some of them take a very long time for it while it is totally uneccaserely. As most of you guys know, you just steer into the upposite direction of the trailer when you turn out of a death-end with a single trailer. The basic of doing this maneuver with double trailers is almost the same, however you'll steer to the direction as where you wish to go. By steering into the same direction your first trailer goes into the upposite direction, and thereby pushes the second trailer in the same. Make sure to take a good look at the angle between the second and the first trailer, with a to sharp angle you will end up in damage. However as long as you go straight in reverse, a smooth but carefull zig-zag move would do the job. 3. How to park double trailers on the hard-parking spot: If you can turn your doubles in a narrow entrance it is time for you to learn how to park it into any place. It is very important to look at the angles of your trailers and the angles of your truck when attempting to park it backwards. The angle between your truck and the first trailer should not exceed 90 dagrees, and the angle between the trailers shouldn't exceed 110 dagrees. That's just theoretical, to give a clear insight on the working angles, however when getting much above this angles you'll need to correct by driving forwards. When you don't correct it there would be a big chance for you to end up sharpened. This will require some training, but the result is fantastic in my opinion. Further I would advise everyone who is going to train their reversing skills with double trailers, to start immediately with the cabin-view. When you take the exterior-camera you'll get used to that, and thereby it would still be hard to do it from the interior. Hint: Its better to have the parking spot on the drivers side, since you will be able to see where your trailer goes by looking trough the window than. The turned trailer would make you unable to watch it by using your mirrors, therefore this is highly recommendable in order to succeed. Example/Clarification video for reversing with double trailers: I'd hope that this guide helped you with the basics about how to learn it. Good luck with training your skills in reversing with double trailers!
  2. Flynn Dawson

    Een bericht voor Scar.

    Mijn feedback is opgelost, bedankt voor uw reactie en spoedige actie/resultaten.
  3. Flynn Dawson

    Een bericht voor Scar.

    Beste Scar. Ik zou graag willen weten hoe lang het gaat duren voordat mijn feedback wordt afgehandeld. Ik heb namelijk nog een tweede feedback die ik graag in wil sturen. Maar ik kan er niet meerdere tegelijk openenen. Ik snap dat het misschien druk is met de feedback tickets. Maar zou toch willen vragen hoe lang het waarschijnlijk nog gaat duren. Alvast bedankt voor je tijd/hulp in dit process. Met vriendelijke groet, Flynn Dawson. PS: Doe het even zo omdat je privé berichten uit hebt staan, maar wel actief lijkt te zijn met het doorzoeken van forum secties.
  4. Flynn Dawson

    [SCS Blog] Wood production chain

    Great to see more realism incoming.
  5. Flynn Dawson

    [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea New Industries 2

    Looks awesome already, I'm very excited about this upcoming DLC, keep it up!
  6. Flynn Dawson

    Easter Eggs

    I'll plan a route to these locations and try to find them, I'd think that would be a funny thing to do somehow. Thanks for the list.
  7. Flynn Dawson

    I made a little map to show dangerous areas in ETS2 MP

    You've done a very good job with this. Now peoples can know which roads they are better not taking if they wish not to crash. Well done.
  8. Flynn Dawson

    R.I.P Truckersmp ?

    Ik maak me hier verder geen zorgen over, als het stopt dan stopt het en zal het heel jammer wezen. Als het niet stopt dan is dat alleen maar goed. Ik neem aan dat je het over in-game hebt hier? Ik heb inderdaad bijna 300,000 kilometer gehad op de vrachtwagen maar vindt Scania in het echt helemaal niet zo goed als dat er beweerd wordt.
  9. Flynn Dawson

    Allowed to follow speed limits and road rules on EU#2 to EU#4 or not ???

    I'd play the game as a simulation on 99 precent of the time, the other one precent is whether I'm in a real-life hurry or in a annoyed mood. But as it is a simulation game, I'd always rather it to be played as a simulation.
  10. Flynn Dawson

    Where would you like the next dlc to go to?

    Also it would be great to add the countries on Eastern Europe: Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Turkey and the other countries there.
  11. Flynn Dawson

    Where would you like the next dlc to go to?

    Actually the only locations where you can go to from the main map are the Faeröer Islands, Scotland, Northern England and Iceland, which are really nice locations to be added due to the spectacular roads and unusual landscaping. Further I would like to see a extention of Viva la France, adding Portugal, Andorra and Spain. And a extention of Scandinavia, adding Finland and Northern Norway.
  12. Flynn Dawson

    Dynamic AFK/Idle kick time

    Supporting this because I'd like to see the server with a lot of players. Aside of that I don't see why it makes sense, because afk players aren't actually playing, so why do they need to be online.
  13. Flynn Dawson

    Client Hotkeys

    Supported, it can really remove a lot of annoyance in busy areas. When everyone is talking and none is actually heard because of the total sound-mess.
  14. Flynn Dawson

    New protocol for handling ghost mode abuse

    Just make it banable to logout on the road, always head to a place where you can safely park. And freeze these in who are in ghost-mode. It's very unlikely that two peoples parked on exact the same location, login on exact the same moment. By making players unable to logout on the road, this can be the solution.
  15. You should look at the packetloss instead of the ping. If you have 10.0 packetloss and 30 ping you lag very heavy, but if you have 0.0 packetloss and 300 ping, the server will see you driving a few meters behind the actual location on your screen, but you'll not be laggy. Ping doesn't make a lot of sense if it's below 500 whenever the packeloss is alright. About geting back out the of ghost-mode, it can be done by command. Lagging is not a offense since none can do anything about it. If your ping drops low again you can make a command for the player with a text draw to get back from ghost-mode. Whenever the ping is low again a message will appear in your screen. "Your lag seems to be recovered, you can use /godoff to get out of ghost mode, make sure to only use this command when there isn't anyone around". Of course this can be abused by using /godoff in busy areas, but abusing it can be made a banable offense as solution to that. Nice suggestion so far, you'll have my support.