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  1. Why Do So Many People Capitalize Every Single Word? On topic: If everyone behaves like they should, my job here wouldn't exist anymore. They just don't want the Game Moderators to be unemployed.
  2. Welcome back! 😎

  3. Welcome Back Sticky! 🚔

  4. Welcome back mate ❤🐂

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      Thanks a lot!

  5. Thankn you for contribution the TruckersMP. GREETING YOUR LIFE

  6. Sad to see you leave the team. Hope to see you again soon!

  7. Welcome back! ❤️

  8. Sticky

    ProMods release

    This is awesome! I've been waiting for this for a long time.
  9. Sad to see you go, we will miss you :( Thanks for all your hard work in the team and good luck for the future :):wub:Hope we see you back again someday :)

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      Thank you!:blush:

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