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  1. A brief summary of 2021:

    1. Aligatoor


      Congratulations, everything was achieved and for the best! May this year be a good one.

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. Gullbrann


      Congrats mate! ?

  2. Feels great to fix my own bug report. It was made before I even joined the team.

  3. The year 2020 has been a roller coaster for all of us due to the world situation. Although, that has not stopped us from continuous work.

    In our client, we have supported 9 different game versions for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and 10 for American Truck Simulator. Both games have received support for three major versions. Additionally, one major external engine started powering TruckersMP as well; FMOD. The support is still not perfect, nevertheless, it does not cause any game crashes. And of course, no new additional content for the games has been forgotten.
    However, making support for new content or game versions are not the only things we are doing. In the past year, we have released tons of features such as the dynamic speed limit, support for ProMods Canada, a new system of permissions for staff members, or hiding the oversize cargo offers from the job market. We have also brought back spectating other players (only for staff members), featured a system of maximum amount of accessories and hookups, created an automatic system for synchronizing all possible accessories in-game, boosted our partnership with TruckersFM through new chat commands and a new UI radio box with real-time information, and improved the experience for players with a Razer Chroma keyboard. And that is just a shortlist of all of that!
    As we are creating a modification for existing games, we must make sure that every change to the game core is working and does not cause any crashes. Although, sometimes new bugs are introduced in our client by an accident as well. We have not been ignoring this and thus, the list of all fixes in this year is enormous. As an example, take a look at the version! Either way, honorable mentions might be fixing the generation of the rain probability, using AltGr in combination with other keys, or the crash caused by using the hq_screenshot command.

    Discord has not been left out either. Both Discord bots (Botdottir and Botranktir) have received an overhaul thanks to which we could make them accessible for anybody! A few weeks later, Botdottir became verified by Discord. This verified bot is now proudly overseeing our official Discord guild with over 140,000 members. That is twice more than a year ago!

    But not only our Discord guild has reached such amazing numbers. This year we have broken the record of concurrent players. Because on 4th April, 17,524 truckers were exploring the map at the same time. That is just incredible...


    Either way, we are expecting the year 2021 to be better than this one. Some of exciting features are already on their way!

    1. User_9806
    2. Mabel Matiz ヅ

      Mabel Matiz ヅ

      I am happy to see successful men like you, I hope one day I will have the opportunity to work with you! ??✨❤️????

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Brilliant ? Happy New Year ?❤️

  4. First minute support for ProMods Canada! It has been super fun to prepare this with folks from the ProMods team.

  5. The latest update contained a fix that was not mentioned in the changelog and was not even intended to turn out like that.

    However, after investigation as certain people pointed this out, it seems like after many years, the weather generation should work flawlessly as it does without our client. That means that no more there should be raining that lasts literally hours.

    1. MarkON


      This is good news for players no doubt about it ⛈️?️?️



    2. DeniPEKSEN


      This is good news 

  6. Looking back at 2019 from my personal view of point, it has been a pretty successful year for TruckersMP.
    I joined the game development team. That led into a few memorial moments such as launching Patreon, or supporting ProMods; at peak we had over 2,400 concurrent viewers on the launch stream! We also hosted Real Operations v8 which showed as the most successful event in the history of TruckersMP.
    On the website we launched new systems, e.g. knowledge base or event game server request system.
    And even our Discord guild got a touch! It was completely reworked and now we have almost 70,000 members while being in the server discovery!

    There is not much to say about this decade as TruckersMP was released in half of it (2014). Maybe just that our highest peak of concurrent players was on 9th December 2017 with 14,218 truckers. That's a lot!


    However, there is a lot to look forward to in the next year, 2020! We are already planning things for the next year and I personally hope the next year will be even better than this has been!

    1. Beales


      Thank you for your hardwork!
      Has been great communicating with you.
      All the best for next year!

  7. If you missed it out, our development team worked has hard to release Alpha for the TruckersMP client! Check out all changes in this thread: 

  8. Patreon has proven once again how our community is amazing! All these things we have achieved in last hours are incredible and none of us has expected it! And those numbers are crazy!

    • Our expectation was that there will be much more $1 tier supporters than $5 supporters. But well, the opposite is correct. There are many times more Master Truckers than Truckers!
    • Goal of 100 Patrons was met in under 6 hours, the second goal of the money per month was achieved in under 8 hours!
    • There have been a lot of people who decided to pledge more than only $5. As I said, I personally did not even expect to have more than a few $5 tier supporters!

    Thanks to everybody who has supported us in any way. Because you have made it easier for us to mantain and expand this hobby project.

    This is the actual situation, just 33 hours after its release:



    1. Doxxyz


      Thats a nice motivation right there, hopefully we will get some servers around but i was hoping with less capacity as there is no way to see alot of players splitting from sim 1 shortly :( 

    2. Guest
    3. ATEKGaming


      Big GGs on hitting such a big number!

      You guys deserve it! :).

  9. It did not even take 3 months (previous status update) and our Discord server grew even more.
    Today we are celebrating the milestone of 40,000 members and that makes our guild one of the biggest on Discord!

    It is absolutely crazy that a community modification can reach such milestones. And it is so nice to see. 545798454819946516.gif?v=1


  10. Just a few hours ago we released the new system for virtual trucking companies. Something that has been a wish from the community for years. And today we made it real. Months of developing and weeks of testing have ended with today.

    Even when we all planned and tested, it did not go as intended. On the other hand, I believe it was a success and we have always tried to fix all issues within minutes. There are always things to improve and we will learn again from this. For example that we should not trust the built maintenance mode...

    A huge dream of the TruckersMP community and also us, developers, has come true. And I believe this is only the start of companies in TruckersMP. When we talk about companies - at the moment of writing this post, 226 companies have already registered on the site. That is crazy.

    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      Thank you for all of your hard work!

    2. ThiagoBR_


      Wow! All this already?

      This project will be good + +

    3. Shayrin


      TruckersMP power :troll:

  11. It has never been about numbers. On the other hand, it is nice to see such a huge progress in terms of the official Discord guild!

    Today we are celebrating the milestone of 20,000 members! How further can this go? 400065362529484811.png?v=1


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. szykaro23
    3. Guest



    4. MarkON



      Today we are celebrating the milestone of 20,000 members! How further can this go? 


      16 June 2019 - 20 067 Members


      :Tru:16 July 2019 - 30 874 Members :wow:


  12. If you are interested in our development and you missed our news about our open source project, do not forget to check the latest development announcement. We have created a reaction role bot for Discord which can be used by anybody (if you follow the license)!

  13. Thank you all for today's birthday wishes, I really appreciate them. It is nice to see so many people have noticed that today is a special day for me.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I'm a bit late but Happy Birthday :wub:

    2. Guest


      Happy birthday。:D

  14. 1 year at TruckersMP! It is so incredible how the time quickly passed! And I am really happy that @Smoky_TMP was the one who gave me the chance to join the team.

    But now it is a time to celebrate it with some coding.

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    2. Doxxyz


      happy birthday  Cheers for the 1 year hope you will keep up the good job 


    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  15. Congratulations to the winner, Slavik_32RUS, of RACING CHAMPIONSHIP - SPRING 2019 and also the first person who has got an award on their profile.



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Ady Man

      Ady Man


    3. DarkScream[TR]


      Congratulations! :love:

    4. Guest


      It is funny to sadly see how his driving skills  in the tournament are reflected in his real driving behavior :( 

  16. You deserve a huge thanks for everything you have done for this project. It was an awesome journey and pleasure to work with you. Without all your ideas and your passion the project would never be that awesome as it is today. And for sure it is a huge loss for the project.


    I hope you will never forget that and you will still be here with us. However, one thing is sure - I will never forget your words and your kind and also honest opinions on things I have been doing.

  17. The Czech Republic celebrates 100 years of its existence today! It started as Czechoslovakia on 28th October 1918 and went through good and also bad times. However, we are still here and this day we are celebrating awesome 100 years of this beautiful country!

    And that is the best time to drive in the best game, that comes from our country, with a truck which has a Czech paint job. ^_^

    And of course that I was driving on Czech roads.



  18. Congratulations to your new role - Trial Game Moderator Observer!

    Good luck in your new position, my Czech mate! ^_^

    1. MrCipr


      Thanks buddy. You are my biggest support here. :love:

  19. Night riders with @[S.PLH]Warrior.



    After 2 years ...

  20. Congratulations, Czech mate! Good luck in the full position of Support. Keep doing great job! ^_^

    1. MrCipr


      Thank you buddy ;) :wub:

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