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List of changes from 8th May 2020:

  • CB radio channels can be changed by using the keyboard; use comma (,) to increase the channel, and period (.) to decrease the channel.
  • CB radio channels are now synchronized between the client and the server.
    • If the /channel command is used, the displayed channel is also updated on the CB radio model in the truck.
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why does keyboardology work the opposite of radio buttons?
 cb radio: left = smaller channel  right = larger channel

keyboard: left = larger channel. right = smaller channel  

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1 hour ago, alldlcpack said:

пожалуйста, скажите мне, как долго ждать 1,37 ???

please tell me how long to wait for 1.37 ???


43 minutes ago, dragonslayingmaster1000 said:

When is 1.37 coming out?


36 minutes ago, Mustăcioară said:

When 1.37 ??? coming out???


When its ready! 

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People... please be much more patience! New updates will be ready to releasing when will be all done... because I think is are much more to do then copy and paste a fews lines in code.


Anyway is always changelog, when SCS Software is releasing general game.



You can play others game or watching any movie if you don't want wait, this is simple example.



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4 hours ago, Maslakovsky said:

is it a matter of days or weeks?

Its when its ready to be released, they are working on it but FMOD is likely causing extra work for things like the car sounds....No one knows except a select few such as the Project Management, Add-on Management & obviously the Devs...But only the Devs will know fully & they are bound under ISP & NDA rules to not say anything until its released.

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Good job, but I'd like to ask if there's a way (or plans) to rebind/unbind these server binds as sometimes it interferes with user's binding and it might be annoying to keep changing controls that I've been using for ages just because of an update which I personally will never use. 

If there was an option to change those controls in-game or in some config file in documents, it would be awesome. :)

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2 hours ago, Zurgui said:

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope the update for TMP will come as later as possible.

I just can't drive with the new sounds of the trucks, especially the engine sounds...

The problem is that they were already committed to the update when the global crisis really kicked in & that lead to a side effect of not being able to record new sound files for FMOD. Plus they said 1.37 is only the beginning so hopefully they will have more recording sessions & add new improved sound over time, i think they use a Roland Pro A/V - R-88 as seen in past videos.

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4 hours ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

問題在於,當全球危機真正爆發時,他們已經致力於更新,這導致了無法為FMOD錄製新的聲音文件的副作用。另外,他們說1.37只是開始,因此希望他們會進行更多的錄音並隨著時間的推移增加新的改進的聲音,我認為他們使用的是Roland Pro A / V-R-88,如過去的視頻所示。

The administrator worked hard

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