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  1. [Retired Team Member] @Olioak returns to the Game Moderation Team as a Game Moderator.
    45 points
  2. [Support Trainee + Translator] @RedPiggy has been promoted to Trial Support.
    28 points
  3. Thanks to everyone that has congratulated me for becoming Report Moderator! --- Been driving recently with @Jenko90 and her stream. Decided to make foto, yos.
    20 points
  4. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ?"
    16 points
  5. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Miyu* has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Dylan R has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
    16 points
  6. Me at a convoy? Wow would you look at that All jokes aside, I had a lot of fun at Harmony Convoys, those guys work extremely hard and it shows clearly ? @sanamaria @davidd. @Savage. @Pixel. Oh and... me and @Lasse just vibin
    13 points
  7. Early Morning Tour ?? https://prnt.sc/vjczku
    10 points
  8. Thank you for the route! ? ? w/ @Chev & @Owen.
    9 points
  9. [GAME MODERATOR] @[C-S] karol_domag has been promoted to Game Moderator Leader.
    9 points
  10. Had a nice drive from Düsseldorf to Calais in some cars From left to right: @Coolio85 @Dylan R @Lasse @Mr. Calvin @MsMist @theonlylukon
    8 points
  11. Good Evening, TruckersMP! ? w / @Lasse @MsMist @theonlylukon @PCVTC_Harvey_TMP @NeoFoxTTV
    7 points
  12. 7 points
  13. Harmony Convoys Another brilliant evening helping out at Harmony Convoys, Fantastic event guys yet again, Looking forward to next month! @sanamaria@Pixel. @davidd. @Savage.
    6 points
  14. Good Evening, TruckersMP! ? W/ @Mr.Bullet
    6 points
  15. [REPORT MODERATOR] @MsMist has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator.
    6 points
  16. Just noticed I've recently turned Veteran VI! 6 years I've been a part of this community, what a time it's been. Veteran X here I come XD
    5 points
  17. 5 points
  18. Hi lovely community. Today's great heavy haul convoy and the picture has been taken by •Nika• (1st one) and @RB1988 (2nd one).
    5 points
  19. [Game Moderation Trainee + Event Team] @Owen. has been promoted to Report Moderator.
    4 points
  20. In some corner of the Port of Calais. ?1.39
    4 points
  21. 4 points
  22. [TRANSLATOR] @akuponcture has been removed from the TruckersMP Team due to inactivity.
    4 points
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  25. Photography: @[L-LATAM](30) El Reja
    3 points
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  30. Good Night? 4 hours after TMP-OFFICIAL-CONVOY ends ?
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  32. Danke dir so Sehr @Herr Müller [GER] @[GER] Maurice Bailey dir auch mein lieber Jedoch brauche ich Hilfe und das sehr sei es Event Planung sei es Grafiken etc. Jede Helfende Hand ist gerne gesehen allein kann ich es zur zeit einfach nicht stemmen.
    2 points
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  34. Thank you to everyone who came to the Heavy Haul Convoy today! @MsMist @Lasse @PCVTC_Harvey_TMP @NeoFoxTTV
    2 points
  35. Hello, I wish you all a nice weekend ?
    2 points
  36. Good Afternoon, TruckersMP! ? w/@WackoZ
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  37. Hello Followers! It's a very long time no see. Today, I will announce our public event! Tomorrow, our Team, TeamAudi VTC is going to hold the event, Thanksgiving Event. This event will be starting at UTC 12:30. You can find more information here. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me via PM/DM!
    2 points
  38. [Translator] @HérissonMan transfers to the Game Moderation team as a Game Moderator and leaves the Translator role to focus on his position.
    2 points
  39. C-D Adventure with Me - @Createrdo [BG] - @Roenz - @purrie ?? photo credit to the best media boi ; @Createrdo [BG]
    2 points
  40. saw one of the nicest trucks I've ever seen today, new Scania fully customized with plenty of lights and fully custom airbrushed (think so anyway) paint ? sadly tho I saw it too late to get my camera out in time and only managed to get this photo ? ?
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