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Speedometer on other players


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Suggestion Name: Speedometer on other players

Suggestion Description:You press the letter, g, and you could see the speed of other players on their nametags

Why It should be added: It could help people who are trying to overtake

                                            It could help to see who is going really fast (and therefore who you should be wary of)

Sorry if my wording is bad or if this has already been discussed and rejected 

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I'd recommend you use the Suggestion Format, otherwise your suggestion will most likely be declined.


Suggestion Name: 

Suggestion Description:

Any example images: 

Why should it be added?:


As far as I know this hasn't been suggested yet. If you change your topic to implement the Suggestion Format, your suggestion might be opened up for discussion.

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On 1.11.2017 at 11:31 PM, frnknstnp421 said:

This would be a helpful feature, however I feel like it takes away from the realism in a similar way to the map. As an admin-only feature, I think this would be great.


It is not that far away from realism.
In reallife a modern truck shows the driver how fast other vehicles are if they drive right infront of them.

I think this is used for the adaptive cruise control.



The german Youtuber " Sascha Fahrnünftig " shows a picture of his truck Tacho, his Truck shows him that the Truck infront of him is driving 90kmh while he is just driving 84,5kmh.

Maybe it isnt possible to see the speed of someone who is driving on another lane, or who is to far away...or the speed of more than just one truck ;) but it is possible to see the speed of the truck / car infront of you.


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As an admin only feature I think I agree with everyone else, this would be a great feature. However for normal drivers this might make the screen more cluttered somehow. I already dislike driving with any kind of HUD turned on for the same reason. I think as a driver you just have to be sensible with your overtakes etc.

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I have to say this is a good idea, but, it only works if it’s either a tab menu only option or is for admin use only. 


There’s a few reasons fo4 this, one of which is that the name tags are already very cluttered and difficult to read unless you’re up close to someone where it’s super dangerous, the other is that you shouldn’t need to be concerned about how fast anyone else is going, what should matter is your own speed and what your truck is doing in relation to those ahead, I for one don’t really care about what speed someone else is doing and if I really want to gauge their speed, I just do it the old school way and match their speed with theirs and then look at my speedometer to see how fast they’re roughly traveling at. 


On 05/11/2017 at 11:39 AM, notnjx said:

You could disable it, and with just a key press, no fiddling around in the tab menu or something

That’s alright if yourkeyboard is easily accessed while on the move or if you don’t use a keyboard to drive with. I for one wouldn’t be able to disable it on the move because my wheel is in the way of my keyboard so I have to lean over it to reach any key past D.


personally, if it was an extra column in the tab menu which read out the speed of those around you, a bit like the distance meter, then I can see a use, but adding it to the name tags just doesn’t seem logical, leave tags for displaying static information, not changing/scrolling numbers, besides, with lag and server desync, it’s going to be fairly inaccurate sitting on the name tag. 

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I do not see the need for such a gauge.


Just follow these simple rules for a safe overtaking manoeuvre:

  • Overtaking is only allowed if you can ensure that no other road user is jeopardized during the entire overtaking process.
  • Overtaking is not allowed if prohibited by traffic signs (or in-game rules) or if the traffic situation is not clear.
  • Also do not overtake in crossroads, at pedestrian crossings or railway crossings.
  • Only overtake if you drive at a signifcant higher speed than the one to overtake.


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I really like this idea, and everybody that says it takes away the realism:

It is an optional feature! You don't need to activate it, just forget about it if you don't like it.

But, of course, it wouldn't be so great for us players with steering wheels, but that woulnd't be too much of a problem.


Hopefully this idea gets through :)

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Its a good suggestion and easy to find speed hackers and could be handy during VTC convoy and big events. but using this feature for overtaking is bad option because you need to concentrate on the speed tag on other truck and road while overtaking.I would suggest follow basic rules while overtaking someone. but If some people are having ping issues then there would be issue with speed syncing. This feature should be added for admins.
Basic rules are explained in below link



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I do not like this idea. It's a simulation game. It should be as close to reality as possible. Can you see the speed of others in real life? No you can not. Realism must be frontline in this vote. If the player wants to overtake, he must pass using his own experience.


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Realism in this game... right. Tell that to 70% of players in mp. Doing over 90, setting brakes sensitivity to the max etc.. Just had to say that.


The suggestion isnt that bad, the problem is, the names load when players are near you so if someone is about to crash in u doing 140, knowing how fast he is going, 2 seconds before the crash, wont help. Nice idea tho.

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This isn’t a very good idea because 1, it would be invading their privacy I mean let’s be realistic, you won’t be able to view peoples speeds in reality unless your in law enforcement or possess a Radargun. So what’s the point In adding such a feature. Personally, it would cause havoc because the speed would drop and increase randomly and it would be another distraction to other drivers.

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