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  1. Sound like a cool event ! i will participate for sure
  2. Lol where are you living ? My ping go from 40 to 1500 with a normal connexion when there is too much people around, just not an optical fiber... Not everyone have a really good connexion. 120 is a pretty good ping actually. For the suggestion, it's a good idea but maybe with an visual signal like the horn one, to inform other players this one is in ghost mode.
  3. This would be a cool thing if optimised for player who cannot use a recording software.
  4. Yeah this would be cool, but usually you can just switch back to driving to disable it.
  5. It's a good idea if it's not to difficult to implement.
  6. Good idea, also an option to save record would be nice as sugested above.
  7. Hello, It should not ask for permission. You just have to launch steam before lauching the game, probably no need for running it as adminsitrator.
  8. They should be a cooldown on the fix command to avoid abuses from troll, maybe not an hour like it was sugested by at least 10-15 minutes. This way, trolls can not ram, fix and then instantly ram other players and have to wait.
  9. ^ well it's possible but not because of others players. This change is great, and for the ones saying "oh we can't go on cd road without taking any damage anymore", well, don't go in it if you don"t want to take damages. The whole map is almost empty except on certain area, so go outside of these area and you will not take damages.
  10. Good luck to everyone who apply !
  11. pleox

    Europe 4 no lights

    Ghost driving is not a problem in EU4, as there are no collision. Same for realism : play in EU1 if you want some. For me, +1.
  12. To get back to the topic, which is not being banned or not for loading an autosave, maybe we should use a mix of time + distance to get the ghost mode really efficient. Like 30 seconds + you need to move at least 20m for the ghost mode to stop. With this, you know even if the player move, you will not crash into him if he just spawn (like joigning the server and begining to drive before being connected (EU 2 )), and it can prevent crash due to autosave.
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