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  1. @Turek124 Try to open it as administrator (right click on the truckersmp.exe)
  2. Try to open it as administrator (right click on the truckersmp.exe)
  3. @novice Thanks for your Answer. So i am not allowed to drive to my own city (Köln / Cologne)? Thats not fair, there is my main Garage
  4. How can i understand this? Is it allowed to drive into germany with a double trailer except of this Cities? Or is whole germany forbidden? This "middle europe" is not the best description i think. The next Question is, is it allowed to drive trough germany with a double just on the Highway / Autobahn?
  5. Its hardly to say that i record the whole time. I'm using Shadowplay, so if i press ALT+F10 i record the last 5 minutes for doing a report. But its not a permanently record.
  6. I like to drive my car sometimes because i want to play on the ETS2 Servers but dont want to "work" Than i sometimes drive my car, but never over the car Speedlimit. Sometimes i drive the D-C Road just to show that a car can drive good as well and mostly i drive to discover the map.
  7. There is still somethink i dont understand....why the website still have the " Language " select if there is no Language i can select?
  8. Like i know, the TS Server still exist, just not as the official TruckersMP TS ;). But what is the new Domain for the TS Server?
  9. Ich hoffe doch du verwendest diese Software: http://support.logitech.com/de_ch/software/lgs Also die Logitech Gaming Software und nicht den Logitech Profiler Prüf mal bitte wenn du die Logitech Gaming Software verwendest, ob dort dein Lenkrad überhaupt angezeigt wird.
  10. Ich fahre nur mit Rundumleuchte, wenn mein Trailer auch eine hinten dran hat. Lasse sie manchmal aber bei Frachten wie dem Helicopter weg, dafür mache ich sie bei der Jacht an wegen Überbreite. Ansonsten vorzugsweise erst ab 20t mit entsprechenden Trailer. Meine Zugmaschine hat dabei aber nur 2 kleine Lampen auf dem Dach, eine links und eine rechts weil ich hier ja auch nicht übertreiben mag. Oder sie hat lediglich 1x die Leuchtleiste. Ich denke, damit gehöre ich zu den angenehmeren Fahrern
  11. The combination of different parts i am using for ETS2 and ATS is a bit crazy... First i startet with a G27, but because one part is broken got a G29 with shifter.... but i didnt liked the pedals and the Shifter of the G29, so i bought a Thrustmaster Shifter because the G27 Shifter wasnt compatible and i am using the pedals of my old G27... All in all my combination looks like this: Pedals: G27 Wheel: G29 Shifter: Thrustmaster TH8A This is nearly perfect for me If you dont have any Problems with the Pedals of the G29 you can buy a G29 with Shifter... And if you dont like a plastic Shifter you can buy the Thrustmaster TH8A. It is much better than the original from the G29. Furthermore you dont need to worry about the USB connection of the Shifter. ATS and ETS2 supports multiple devices, so you can add a Shifter to this game which doesnt need to be compatible to the G29. The only Problem is that both games dosnt support a 7 Gear Shifter, so i use the 7th gear for the Enter Key....so it is easier to refill at a gas station ;D
  12. It is not that far away from realism. In reallife a modern truck shows the driver how fast other vehicles are if they drive right infront of them. I think this is used for the adaptive cruise control. The german Youtuber " Sascha Fahrnünftig " shows a picture of his truck Tacho, his Truck shows him that the Truck infront of him is driving 90kmh while he is just driving 84,5kmh. Maybe it isnt possible to see the speed of someone who is driving on another lane, or who is to far away...or the speed of more than just one truck but it is possible to see the speed of the truck / car infront of you.
  13. This would be nice in Multiplayer, in Combination with the Pilot car ;) But i cant believe that this will find a way into the multiplayer, because other players are racing to much =(


    1. Alles_FME


      Its a nice DLC but i dont think this is going to be a good DLC for MP some players cannot drive with the Heavy Cargo Pack on the roads and if they get there hands on this it will be a rip on C-D road but fun too:D

    2. Positivetrucking168


      And some were driving 200t heavy trailers on C-D road but found it difficult to slow down because of just how heavy those things are so they ended up going into other trucks causing carnage. 

  14. Hello Guys, i have a question. If someone overtake on D-C Road with high traffic...on left side and overtake really close or on right side...How would you react on this? I think a report would be okay, or not?


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    2. Munin666 [GER]

      Munin666 [GER]

      Wenn ich dir jetzt auch noch Nachrichten schicken könnte, würde ich es dies auch tun, aber hast es wohl blockiert.
      Soll ich die beiden Videos doch hier posten? Würde damit die Spieler halt sozusagen öffentlich an den Pranger hängen und davon bin ich eigentlich kein Fan.

  15. Haahaha lol your profile photo is wonderful :D I thought it was at my screen , were trying hit :D:troll:

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