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  1. As already mentioned it wouldn't be easy to implement that so easily, but of course this is a nice idea and should be considered
  2. Afaik it is a PC, at one time he announced that the PC now has a GTX1060, so that should be enough evidence And a server would also need to be a Windows Server to run TMP, which would be much more expensive
  3. That's a really nice idea, hopefully it will be released soon Whenever you need help or a translation, simply ask
  4. TFM matematrix

    SDK Plugin

    Die SDK sollte ganz normal, wie gewohnt im MP funktionieren. Technisch ist da kein Unterschied zwischen dem MP und dem SP, die Plugins werden beim Spielstart geladen, und der MP unterbindet dies auch nicht. Versuche vielleicht mal, die Telemetry neu zu installieren, und checke nochmal ob du die richtigen Netzwerk-Adressen benutzt. Wenn ich dir helfen konnte, klicke bitte auf den grünen Pfeil rechts. Das ehrt meine Hilfe, danke
  5. +1 It brings alot more realism to the game, to have a map kind of like the ets2map.com, but with a heatmap. That would make it easier for radio stations to provide traffic reports, and it is just very funny and nice to have it
  6. I really like this idea, and everybody that says it takes away the realism: It is an optional feature! You don't need to activate it, just forget about it if you don't like it. But, of course, it wouldn't be so great for us players with steering wheels, but that woulnd't be too much of a problem. Hopefully this idea gets through
  7. You won't get banned for this, as banning is a punishment for more serious offences. No one will ever notice that you don't slow down, and as long as you don't block the overtaker or hinder him to overtake in any way, everything is fine. In general, you won't get punished for breaking traffic rules like using a turn signal, etc, but it is always better to behave and to drive with your eyes open I wish you a nice time here at TMP
  8. Nice classic one, thanks
  9. Looks very nice, thanks for posting Actually my favourite UI
  10. Actually I didn't know that TMP ever had a TS, even inofficially Anyways, Discord is what is new and normal today
  11. Thank you very much for the nice event, and the very detailed accidents! Sadly I didn't see any border checkpoints and police searches, etc, that would have been great! But thanks everyone for their time at this event!
  12. Well, I would really like to connect, but of course after 20 minutes of waiting in the queue, my session is expired. And because it is an event, the queue is moving very very slowly. Hopefully it will be better in some minutes
  13. That sound really great I'm trying to join, and I am excited about this new event type See you all there!
  14. First, I want to thank you for presenting this nice tool to us @Mirrland. The problem now is: I've used it like 4 months ago, and then it worked fine. But now, I tried it out with friends, and we tried multiple combinations, e.g. in SP/MP, etc, but the custom jobs won't show up ingame. The error log doesn't say anything suspicious. Maybe someone can help us, Matematrix EDIT: It now works, after several tries!
  15. Hi there, do you use any service like ets2snyc or something like this? These services schedule the jobs like this. If I were you, I wouldn't mind that my jobs are +100 hour ones, because it doesn't make a difference. The only difference is that you don't have time pressure anymore Hope I could help.
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