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New server ETS2: Freeroam


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@Trucking Australia I want to try this car and trailer thing (EDIT: On Freeroam of course)...Is it possible to drive one of these? Because I tried it once in offline mode and it was weighing my car down and I couldn't even manage leaving the depot...Or should I just take an insanely light load like 1T?

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This server looks great :)


But a word of warning! When the server closes and you return to the normal servers, please remember that the normal rules apply and we will still give the appropriate punishments for them. I don't want to hear excuses such as, "I thought it was the freeroam server". 

Have fun while the server is up, and then start following the rules again when you return to the normal servers ;)

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Oooo I'm gonna have to check this out



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3 hours ago, Shovali said:

new server for trolls :rolleyes:

Not at all. Trolls have nothing to do on such server. Server for kids, people that play a truck simulator as if it was a racing game, and some that just want to have some fun for a little while. I don't plan on using it, of course. EU#2 was exactly like this when it was first launched, people hated it and that's why the "NCZ worldwide" was removed. At least, the other servers will have less reckless drivers during the weekend, so thanks for this!

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