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  1. It took quite some effort and time to get this car available for everyone. We are not going to take it away because of the few that abuse it. Even if we were to take away the cars, they would switch to trucks to troll. Try to record and report those people if they break rules. Remember to use the format when suggesting new idea's. Rejected.
  2. Rejected due to lack of additional content to describe your suggestion.
  3. As soon as possible, we are getting alot of emails and it takes time to get through them all.
  4. Please check out our in-game rules as this has already been clarified. All driving rules does not apply on servers highlighted as either Freeroam or Non Collision, this includes racing. So you can race on EU5 for example if that server is online. I'll move it to accepted since this is actually already done.
  5. Those are not the same type of ranks compared to the ones posted in the main post. The ranks you are talking about are based on the amount of posts you made. They don't really add anything to your powers, they are just for fun purpose. After an x amount of useful posts, you'll be able to set your own custom "rank" there.
  6. In-game reports come in at an incredible rate, often at +/- 1 report each 2 seconds. At the time an available admin can get to a situation, it happens that the situation has been returned to normal and nothing special happens. Some reports require more time to review causing other reports to wait. Since alot of people report everything, the system gets flooded by reports and admins can't deal with each report. We are always looking at solutions to improve this, and things are being worked on.
  7. I'd like to start with pointing out that the appeal system is only meant to be used when the ban is incorrect. There is no point in appealing a ban if you clearly broke a rule or caused trouble. The majority of our players appeal every ban, but only appeal those that are given to you incorrectly. If a ban isn't active anymore, you can't appeal it in the normal way. If you happen to get a ban that is incorrect and has expired, you can request a manager to review it through the feedback system. Please note that appealing a ban that expired over a month ago with broken evidence has no use. Evidence needs to be available at least for the duration of the ban + 1 additional month. The older a ban is, the bigger the chance it has been given by a team member that isn't in our team anymore. That's one reason of why you can't appeal expired bans. So to conclude, only appeal bans that are incorrect - no need to waste an admin's time if you are guilty. If a ban has expired and you'd like to appeal because it's incorrect, contact feedback. Rejected.
  8. Serverside economy is planned, but is still far away. Rejected because the format is not followed.
  9. This is not really something that would be good. It's very hard to find out who crashed into whom and why. Player A crashes into player B because player A could been driving very reckless player B abruptly stopped on the road player B is lagging ... Keep in mind you need to follow a format when suggesting new things. Rejected for now.
  10. It's hard to detect if an user is breaking rules intentional or not. For example: blocking. He could be just waiting for a red light or something that happened in front of him. Rejected for now.
  11. It all depends on the word you use and the frequency. Just plain "idiot" is likely not going to result in any punishment, but abusing this might be. We are trying to create a friendly environment here, and insulting doesn't belong here. We won't make certain insults not bannable, as an insult - not matter which one - is against the rule. We understand that you personally don't deem certain words as insults as they might be for others. We are aware that some words as "idiot" are quite common enough, but this is not an invitation to go spamming the chat with "idiot". Rejected as we are not going to change our rules in regards to non-punishable insults.
  12. See the links posted above. Your reports will be looked at, but there are various reasons of why some reports are processed quicker then others. Since this is not a proper suggestion, it's rejected.
  13. Discuss the update here:
  14. This isn't possible at the moment with the current API.
  15. We will not implement AI traffic. The purpose of MP is to play with other players, not with AI. This has been suggested a few times in the past, so please use our search function. Rejected.