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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  2. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  3. Haven't played in a while. This is definitely something that will make me dust off the ol' G27 and get back on ETS2.
  4. Inb4 there are cars pulling trailers convoys
  5. I love the heatmap although it was a little bit hard to find. I've actually thought of requesting that. But is it possible to make the heatmap viewable from further away? It just seems more logical that way.
  6. There is so much to unpack from that picture though. Like the rogue road on the map going further north in Sweden. Apparently there are some other changes too according to users on the SCS forum, but I'm unable to discern them. lol
  7. You could try something like Wine. It has support for 64-bit windows applications, but from what I read it can be a bit spotty. Still worth a try though.
  8. I think your best bet would be to start a new profile. Anyone tried that and still have it?
  9. ^ SCS will eventually add some sort of multiplayer to both their games. But it doesn't sound like it will be a MMO like the ETS2MP (or the future ATSMP for that matter).
  10. Smooth Dog

    0.1.3 Alpha

    And keep the optimizations coming. Maybe we can dream of one day not having lag.
  11. Smooth Dog

    0.1.3 Alpha

    What does improved spawning vehicles entail?
  12. I've found that copy & pasting the email part will usually work. (But not from Steam chat for some weird reason.) Or just write the @ by pressing Alt + 64 on the numpad. You don't have to do it simultaneously, just in that order rather quickly. PS: Also make sure that Num-Lock IS NOT on.
  13. Yup, same here. For no discernable reason my login information doesn't seem to be working in-game although it works fine on the site.
  14. I tried changing my email address since it has a hyphen but it still doesn't work. The one I'm using right now has an under-score though, so I guess I'm back to square one.
  15. It keeps telling that to me although I use the same credentials as I use to login on the site to download the mod. Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with my account?
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