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The story behind multiplayer mod


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(Unfortunately I don't have any access to old forum [if it still exists] - there was nice post showing the colorful trucks that were spawned next to my truck). After that we had trucks spawned so we decided to finally write the networking part - chat, synchronization and many others

It still exists, just not set up to be accessible, I'll fix that for ya :) Edit: done

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Nice :) Interesting to hear how it all came about. I would also like to thanks all the MP Staff that work so hard to produce us with an amazing game to play on, with a great community :)

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Good story but


now I want to know the history of bananaman please  :D





anyway this is a great history thing :P


and i remember the old red tab menu thing 



No electrons were harmed during the creation, transmission or reading of this posting. However, many were excited and some may have enjoyed the experience





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Such a big change since the first update of ETS2MP,


The improvements are very amazing and cool, such a big step since first day :)


You guys made the right thing to actually try to make a mod, and you succeed.


Its amazing how you guys started with nothing and now you guys have made it to a very big trucking multiplayer game/community.



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