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  1. Hey guys! Do you guys know if there is a working mod for Volvo FH 2016 that makes the 750 hp grille from chrome to black ?. I've had that mod before but its outdated now.
  2. KurdiStaN

    New scania?

    Have the new Scania been added to the game yet?
  3. That ending tho I would be like "No paparazzis please!".
  4. Why not Stobart the well known company, will never go under Also voted
  5. The motherboard im using is Msi Z77A-S01 But i also have one motherboard im not using Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3
  6. Well, im actually looking for broken gtx 680 cards so i can take the cooler and put it on mine, but there isnt anyone selling broken gtx 680, i have been looking for coolers aswell but some of them are expensive, and some are not good. Owl helped me out and told me that Gtx 680 reference cooler will be best to get since i will go for SLI
  7. I got 3x gtx 680's (2x Evga gtx 680, 1x Msi gtx 680) those are without any kind of stock cooler, and i also have (1x mdt x4 gtx 570) << dunno if this one works i just get black screen when installing the nvidia drivers. So thats why i wanna try the GTX 680 out since its better if its working, i dont really wanna put money on buying any kind of coolers if the card wont work, so the only thing i wanna do is to test them just to see if it works or not, according to some people i should put 120mm fan to try them out
  8. Hello Truckers! Well, recently i got Evga GTX 680 and MSI GTX 680 and they were in a setup with water cooling before i got them, now the problem is that i dont use water cooling (i know it might be better for the tempratures etc..but i just dont) So the thing i wanna know is how can i get/add custom fan to the GTX 680 to test/run it cuz right now its just laying there and i dont know how to try it out if it even works or not, so anyone ?
  9. Good idea, the sound should be someone in the team screaming
  10. Thats because Multiplayer time is slower (more realistic) than Singleplayer where 2 seconds is 1 minute.
  11. Voted, first one probably cuz im sitting in the forums at 04:20 in the morning
  12. KurdiStaN

    Weird lag

    This can also be caused by driving in cities with many people.
  13. My first truck was old version of Volvo, and now im rolling in Volvo FH16 2012
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