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  1. POzdrav frankie, riješio sam problem disableanjem opcije "Steering animation" tj da ne vidim druge vozače njihove likove u kabini, i nema više laga
  2. jerrycro

    Weird lag

    I play with the settings in the MP (TAB settings) and disable steering animation for other players -> and fix lag of other trucks, only those 400+ ms lagging but that is because of their high ping, thanks all for help
  3. Pozdrav dečki imate li kakav savjet za riješit laganje ostalih kamiona ? imam 30/10 mbps vezu i svaki kamion mi lagga neovisno o njegovom pingu :S
  4. jerrycro

    Weird lag

    My game runs smoothly about 30-40fps (ok, in europort where is 100 trucks fps is 20 ) but trucks lagging constantly, its not important there is 1 on 20, they all lag. hmm, my internet connection is 30mbps/10 mbps :/ i will try to contact my ISP
  5. jerrycro

    Weird lag

    Hello guys, a few days ago i bought ETS 2 only because MP, i play it so long on SP, and when i saw this community i needed to buy game on steam just to play it with you But i have weird problem, all trucks are lagging, few mins ago guy with 20 ping lagged same as guy with 350 ms ping so its kinda weird for me. i have good connection (25-40 ms max) and its so unplayable when all these truckers are lagging. and one more question, does all guys drive in the middle of streets or its caused by de-sync ? happy holidays from jerry! btw - i dont have any DLC, only stock ETS2 game
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