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  1. Good idea, the sound should be someone in the team screaming
  2. Voted, first one probably cuz im sitting in the forums at 04:20 in the morning
  3. This can also be caused by driving in cities with many people.
  4. Check your network connection, if thats ok then it means its the servers, due to high amount of players online or too many trucks causing lags for you and that causes the ping to get high and you get kicked. Try again and check
  5. Congratz!. I bet it will take about 1 month maybe untill it reaches 800.000 users Theres already 3k+ new players today
  6. Try to save the game in singleplayer while you have the trailer and see if you can load it in Multiplayer, if thats not working then reinstall ETS2 and try again. Also make sure you have mods which are allowed in multiplayer so you can use them.
  7. Guys, this is what happens when you got to much money and spending it all on fireworks :D

  8. Can you take a screenshot of the error?
  9. ^ The trucks have those horsepowers so they can pull heavy loads not for racing
  10. ^ It shows how many hours/minutes you've been driving, it also tells you how long distance you traveled and tells your speed (from start to end). In real life this is mostly for the companies this is needed in trucks that delivery stuff for money, and that is also so the company can see if you have been driving more than you should also if you have been speeding..
  11. Not Good Idea at all because That would increase lags
  12. This does not need to be added i guess, i've tried to reconnect by reloading my ets2mp profile and that worked.
  13. Greatest Idea so far , +10 for this Kravaty with his ideas <3
  14. Great idea! This would add a tiny bit of realism
  15. Well, Any new J-Specers here? Its quite in this thread.
  16. Awesome work as always, mw14 and the rest of the team
  17. try to run as administrator and steam cache verifying.
  18. If the event is still going on then here's one pic i took yesterday, just because ​
  19. Federasco, ATS and ETS2 is not the same by That i mean you Will be able to play ATSMP. Just follow the rules and you wont be banned. Raveen, i think ATS Will be merged into ETS2 website
  20. Glad to hear that you guys are doing ATSMP mod Awesome team as always
  21. ^ Cool video, shows exactly everything
  22. Personally i dont like this suggestion, that makes the game less realistic
  23. Only changes i made on the truck is that i removed the exhaust on both sides
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