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  1. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  2. I'm on wireless and i still get the same result. It's true the maximun is 600ms but my ping is only 28ms-50ms, yet i'm still getting kicked out of servers. I tried EU#2 and got kicked out straight away.
  3. I can't seem to get into any of the servers today. My ping is always around 28-50ms whenever i start a game (and during) but today, when i booted it up, i connected to EU#2 and i got kicked within seconds. then i Tried EU #5 which isn't as busy and i got the same results. To make matters worse, it says that the average to connect is 600ms-698ms I'm using a wired connection and it doesn't make any difference to the connection. How do i fix this?
  4. I'm on wired connection and i'm still having this problem. Not possible to fix.
  5. we just had a 500mb update. There was a 900mb update at one point so that's not as much.
  6. You can but you'll need to download the patch from this website first before you are able to play again.
  7. The multiplayer mod should be working now. Just tried accessing the page and it works now.
  8. Anyone have any idea when 1.22 update is coming for MP since it's out for the game?
  9. I have around 50mb and mine just dropped to 80kb now. It's something to do with the winter mod.
  10. I'm having some issues with downloading this update. Usually it'll take seconds to download but it's taking too long to install.
  11. I don't know what is going on but i even have this font but the words are still not appearing on my screen. What to do next? I've done everything above but nothing is showing up
  12. Upgrade completely not working on my home screen when i start it up no words come up. It was fine before the update.
  13. Guys I sorted out this problem. I can now freely play the MP mod. i had too many install links on my computer which stopped me from playing the MP mod.
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