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  1. I always drive alone. Definitely not a fan of convoys no matter how big or small they are.
  2. Zulnex

    Future of ETS2

    I would like to see: - More trucks (some classics would be splendid as well) - Rework of older parts of the map and also old trailers such as: panel, car carrier, tanker and so on - Additional World of Trucks achievements and maybe special rewards for those who did hundreds and hundreds of World of Trucks deliveries so far - Bus DLC
  3. Splendid. Thank you very much.
  4. I love Promods, but I will continue playing on the old vanilla map since I only do World Of Trucks contracts. I am sure there will be other players like myself as well.
  5. Zulnex

    TMP Promods

    As much as I love Promods, I will continue to play on the vanilla map since I only complete World Of Trucks external contracts.
  6. Splendid update. Thank you very much. Punishments should be even stricter than those listed, but this is good for a start.
  7. ^I agree. The same applies for Calais as well.
  8. Zulnex

    Road to Simulation

    Very well said. I absolutely agree with you!
  9. I love the new roads too. Night and day difference compared to the old ones.
  10. As always, thank you for your hard and splendid work.
  11. I appreciate the hard work SCS software did regarding the voice navigation. However, I will have it turned off. I like peace and quiet in my truck (in game and also in real life).
  12. ^ That makes sense to me. Maybe they will do that.
  13. Maybe a horse DLC will be coming as well. I could sure use a horse for some small and light jobs All joking aside, looking forward to the new map for sure.
  14. I have never been interested in a VTC. I've been driving alone since 2014 and will more than gladly continue to do so in the future.
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