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  1. Zulnex


    Always single since 2014. I don't like VTCs at all.
  2. I love the Spring mod very much. Makes the scenery beautiful. I discovered there are more awesome season mods by the same author: https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/category/ets2-mods/
  3. Splendid. Thank you very much.
  4. Splendid update. Thank you very much. Punishments should be even stricter than those listed, but this is good for a start.
  5. Zulnex

    Road to Simulation

    Very well said. I absolutely agree with you!
  6. As always, thank you for your hard and splendid work.
  7. I have never been interested in a VTC. I've been driving alone since 2014 and will more than gladly continue to do so in the future.
  8. Splendid news! Looking forward to the release very much.
  9. Thank you very much for sharing the report. You did an excellent job! I enjoyed examining it thoroughly.
  10. Thank you very much for your hard and excellent work developers.
  11. Looks fantastic! I'll probably buy a new garage there.
  12. I absolutely dislike driving during the rush hour and in a high traffic area. No matter how careful I am, most of the time I would get rammed and my cargo severely damaged (I only do WOT contracts and hate delivering a damaged load). A few times though I was able to deliver an undamaged load and that is only because of my real life truck driving experience. Of course, I had some luck as well. Unfortunately, careless players always find different ways to ruin your day even if you are exercising extreme caution... If some players showed respect and not carelessly overtake,
  13. Completed it a few days ago. Hopefully there will be more of these surveys in the future.
  14. Hopefully World of Trucks contracts will be supported in the future. I would love to do them using my own trailers and not the ones supplied by different companies (Trameri, Euro Goodies etc).
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