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  1. I've still no problem with the all 3 files
  2. It's very difficult Pay attention
  3. There is a new patch for the client. I don't have any issue with the mod. Work perfectly, Thanks.
  4. I think there are too many people that are downloading the mod, be patient
  5. Maybe some Admin could find that graceful people ^^


    https://postimg.org/image/b0omhn7h5/ comments under that vid

    https://postimg.org/image/ynpl5rct5/  --- This is a private message on YouTube


    @Lethe# @Cooper's Freightmaster @Bonnm @LIGHTOFGOD @MrHarv



    1. MrHarv98


      Find Truckersmp or steam account and then tag admins

    2. deco13


      if it were easy for me, I would have already done :lol:

  6. Veteran Driver! And now? :lol: Happy Birthday to me! 1 year here today! Cheers!

  7. lot of people are blocking the cross near Rott to Duisb. Need admin if available ^^

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    2. deco13
    3. deco13


      I never see a kick in 15 minutes with lots of people that make a u turn on that cross to make more chaos, other people that overtake.. you know what happen there every time :lol:

  8. need admin duisburg /rotterdam! :)

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      i think   there are admins  online :P , during Australia time we don't get much admins  online. 

  9. what's the problem in EU2 O.o

  10. Reports are waiting :lol:

    1. FirestarteR93


      "loading please wait"

  11. Maybe admin could be useful in Rotterdam :D

    See img:


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    2. deco13


      and ban, lots of pilot are blocking roads and some have trailer LOL

    3. deco13


      they're going toward amsterdam

    4. Scullllly


      I sorted it :3

  12. Cool! Congratulations guys, brilliant job!
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