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  1. Welcome back (b)admin.

    So nun möchte ich gerne meinen Döner. :troll:

    1. Yo Yo Yo 148-3369
    2. [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      [VIVA] Arctic Wolf

      @Yo Yo Yo 148-3369 Hello, 


      what do you mean by "trail admin" bonnm has been retied for some time. coming back to the community as a full in-Game Moderator would not work. the user has to get used to the new commands and such :)



      -Arctic Wolf

  2. Welcome back!

  3. Willkommen zurück! Wir haben dich schon vermisst :)

  4. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und Willkommen zurück Bonn :wub:

  5. Owwwww so nice to be back!!! <3 

  6. Good morning :D 

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      Checking notifications 17 hours later, at 23.36 xD

      Good night

  7. Hello Ladys and Gentlemans! 


    What‘s up? ;) 

  8. Happy Birthday my friend! :) 



      Nice to see you again ! Thanks mate <3 

  9. What makes a VTC company die?

    - Lack of Time - Wrong People - Inactive Owner - No VTC Events (like convoys, truckfest) - Not a TS3/Discord where people can meet
  10. Happy Birthday <3 

  11. No Game Moderator around, and some people think directly they were funny when they troll other... :facepalm: 



    1. -AV-


      :thisisfine: These hard times will also pass..

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  12. Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    This one is my fav Color/Paintjob!