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      In light of the recent changes to the requirements of event rules and servers the requirements for Major Event posts have also been updated.   A summary of the changes:  Added: Minimum 50 participants with proof at moment of creation Added: Topic created minimum 1 month in advance Added: In case of charity event: endorsement of non-profit organization or official donation link for the event by non-profit organization Removed: minimum post count   For the full list of requirements, check out the respective topics for ETS and ATS   Regards   TruckersMP team
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    [Support] @Chris | Camox betritt das TruckersMP Team als Support Mitglied.
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  3. Good Morning :) 

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    2. CrackPrewier


      good morning,have a nice day bonnm :) 

    3. FrostyGamer


      Good morning? It's afternoon here, but good morning you too :P

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  4. Deutsche Team Liste

    [Game Moderator] @Bonnmbekommt ebenso Forum Moderator für den Deutschen Bereich.
  5. G39K4-7K5LJ-94EC0 Random Steam Key. Enjoy :) 

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    2. Smalley


      Cheers Bonnm <3 

    3. Jean M. (SP-BR)

      Jean M. (SP-BR)

      What key was that? Steam says I already have the Game/Content :huh:

    4. Smalley


      Planets under attack 

  6. Bonni is back on the Streets :wub:

  7. Congratulations on your role back as Game Moderator Bonnm, sorry if is a bit late. ;) 
    Happy Trucking. See you in the sky my friend.

  8. How nice, he came back because he missed me :P

    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Of course, we need a (B)Admin

  9. Good to see you back as a GM! Have fun & good luck:)

  10. Welcome Back !! :troll:;)

  11. Welcome back @Bonnm I miss you :lol:

  12. welcome back :) ı wish you success. 

  13. Congrats :tmp:

  14. Congratulations:)

    1. Bonnm


      Thank you!

  15. Congratulations, Bonnm! :P 

    1. Bonnm


      Thank you!