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  1. It's been a while >_>


    1. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      I can't believe it's been out 6 months already haha :D

    2. Glanshon


      Time flies :P

  3. If you don't call out bad behaviour you are unwittingly giving passive feedback that that behaviour is ok.

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    2. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      Easy done I honestly don't worry over ets2 I actually could report nearly 100 players a week if I really wanted to but I only report the deliberate destruction of the game that's all


      In saying that forgot about last nights troll... lol cheers :P 

    3. Peter1999


      I can't see other players

    4. ArEs.


      see I exsigiria more admin by the areas more conflicting and when there is more people and trolls that can make you an accident I think that the player be to play not to be reporting that think the game is once again more a GTAV a simulator is my opinion

  4. 3 hours until the first giveaway is over and the second begins! Who's excited to see what's up for grabs this time? <3

    1. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      I already have it so didn't see point in entering but I wish all the entries the best :) really good the TMP Team are doing this shows the community that its all about fun and taking part ;) 

  5. The last day of this month's competition is here! Details of next months will be provided as soon as this one finishes.



  6. Up 200 followers on this time yesterday :o



  7. Reached 2,000 followers on Twitter today! You legends! Love your support <3

  8. Happy Day of Birth to you, sir!


    1. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      Nice one :) good luck to all who apply :) I have this already if you don't have it yet well worth entering competition people  :)

    2. Peter1999


      I can't see you

      I can't see


    1. Aestrial


      Haha, enjoy sir! ;)

    2. lxl Semper lxl
    3. krypto_one


      its just a guy putting his fingers on a keyboard

  11. Anyone want a free steam game? No idea what it is. First come first serve: N9WDM-GQTLN-WCPX5

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    2. Glanshon


      Sorry you didn't get it this time dude :(

    3. Kehox


      bah it ok ^^ , i was mayby late :P

    4. Guest


      what is good man long time since we last talked. how are things going with you. 

  12. Big welcome to all of the new forum members! I hope you find this place as useful and insightful as most of us do! <3

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    2. LDMax-FR-CH


      ho yes thx welcome on ETS2MP !)

    3. KhaosHammer
    4. Gergo*HUN*


      yes ofc man :D Its very useful :D

  13. 200+ awesome community members on the forums! Nice to see you all o/

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    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer


      LOL  how did you know @Glanshon checking my history  i see  haha  jks 


      Glad to see you having a great time :)  i my self am so tired  haha  other than  that my day was fun. 

    3. Sticky


      Hi hello! :D

  14. Too true. amirite?



  15. Anyone else looking forward to #ForumsAndChill @ 11PM GMT?



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    2. krypto_one


      i dont know what is a froum

      i dont know what is a froum

    3. SuliHD


      Im about :)

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      have fun :P Party 2night for me :D:P

  16. Penblwydd Hapus i ti <3

    1. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      Thanks. Had to use Google Translate for that :D 

  17. Thanks for the follow :)


    1. Aestrial


      Very nice idea mate ;)

    2. Glanshon


      I'd do it around 10-11PM UK time (unsure about DST right now xD)

  19. Thanks for following Yoyo :)

    1. Yoyo_ManSg


      No problem, you deserve it. ;) 

  20. Thanks for the follow :)

  21. Helo. Diolch am dilyn <3

    1. Mirrland


      Dim problem :) 

    2. M.J.


      Shwmae, I cant speak it much but I have my short course GCSE this Tuesday. 

  22. Thanks for the follow.

    1. User_9806


      No problem! :) U Can also please accept in my frend request on the steam? :P 

  23. H1Z1: King of the Kill giveaway at 100 followers! https://twitter.com/glanshon

  24. New design on twitter.com/glanshon and twitch.tv/glanshon! Same on YouTube and updated my logo to match the new color scheme :)


    Thoughts and opinions always welcome <3

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