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  1. You can't enable multiple MOD at the same time You need to ban other MOD from the MOD manager.And then save the game.Now you can put your 100TMOD in Remove the unnecessary MOD archive after entering the online mode Remember to back up the original archive
  2. A: I see. Thank you A: I see. Thank you
  3. 不知道该怎么办。你能告诉我的方式?
  4. How to see more Thank you. I don't know how to do that
  5. Click TAB to show 7000 -- 10,000 M;
  6. I don't know how to appeal the E-mail.video:http://plays.tv/video/5918e46a8e3f0c85bd/china-i-shift12-ramming-inappropriate-overtaking.Can you not send a video that is short.Video is too short.You can see a car in video deliberately hit me over there.When I was ready to go back on my way.And the opposite one is overtaking.And you said you couldn't overtake the CD.Why does he overtake you without a ban.When I prepare F7, you forbid it

  7. Peter1999

    如果安装插件;这个就不用说了,下面就说下在安装插件过程中出现的各种有关崩溃问题;其实很简单的一个问题就是你没有获得ETS官方后台授权;有的是网络问题大家可以挂VNP;这时候你就要登录TruckersM网站登录你的帐号重新获得ETS授权; 当登录好之后下载插件;注意然后去我的电脑C盘找到Program Files这个文件打开找到TruckersMP Launcher文件将他册除;然后下一步打开我的工具找到影藏文件夹;这个大家根据自身的系统去百度一下;找到ProgramData文件;打开找到TruckersMP将他册除; 下面就重新安装插件将插件安装好后运行4-5次没规定;然后关闭插件运行;下面使用离线方法打开我的C盘找到ProgramData文件打开;找到TruckersMP文件打开将他里面的文件册掉;最后找个玩欧卡的人更新好插件的叫他把TruckersMP文件里面的3个文件做成 压缩包发送给你;你自己将压缩包里面的文件解压到你的电脑C盘TruckersMP文件即可 大家可以去搜索下greenvpn加速器;本人感觉他更新插件和打开网页还可以;禁止IE浏览器;禁止各种杀毒软件
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