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Status Updates posted by Synplex

  1. For anyone that likes breaking games, I recommend watching Games Done Quick. AGDQ 2017 is currently live for the week, definitely worth watching your childhood games be destroyed :P



  2. Streaming some Euro Truck over on the partners Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/slavqueeen

  3. I'm taking my holiday leave (unpaid, bad union ;)), I wish you all a very happy holiday! ^_^

    1. Forraz


      Leaving me here alone I see

    2. katethegreat


      Have fun and Happy Holidays. :D 

  4. Happy birthday you old grump! Got you a little something ;)



    1. Glanshon


      Mate xD


      Love you too lol


      Ty for the Birthday Messages

  5. And with that, I am off to the land of snooze. Play nicely, I'm certain @1nYX will be watching :P

    1. Forraz


      U wot... You leaving me for sleep? Baaah you need to stay awake man ;) Keep me company!




      jk jk, sleep well.

    2. Cestrian


      Reminds me of working nights, sleeping all morning then having the afternoon for games then work.

  6. Please make a post, I beg of you Tsaricc. 2 years and zero posts? C'mon, use that forum account of yours for just once post :P

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    2. Forraz


      I can help you!



    3. Zirox


      Oh @1nYX don't show him the forums games...that's a big mistake... 

    4. Forraz


      :troll: I was never here! 




      Magically disappears

  7. My night is made! Watching the other half get confused over the latest Dota 2 update, 2300+ hours couldn't save her :lol:

  8. Sorry for the downtime folks, the forums fell asleep but don't worry, we've whipped them wide awake ;)

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    2. Forraz


      @MrHarv  glad to see you're back on the bike. We finally got power again! :troll:

    3. MrHarv98
    4. Synplex
  9. [video] Well, that's the first load of today finished :lol:



  10. Good morning! How is everyone on this fine morning? ^_^

    1. Forraz


      Very tired; But I am decent anyways ^_^ So a good morning to you aswell.

  11. New PC arrived yesterday! :D did a quick test in Paris, apparently that's a hot-spot now? Can't think why :rolleyes::P


    1. derpatrick9


      There is an new DLC (Viva La France).

  12. Only MeshComputers could label my order as "Production Pending, Components Allocated to Machine" then when rung I'm told my order has been built but is missing two components :huh:

    1. TruckerTom94


      built but missing components ??? LOL

  13. That's my credit agreement signed, sealed, and delivered for my new PC! Can't wait to get my wheel back out and cruise the roads on Multiplayer with friends <3

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    2. Glanshon


      Can't wait to drive with you again mate. It;s been too long :D


      cough cough


    3. Synplex


      Just letting you know, my wheel has a tendency to pull in the direction of anyone with the name Glanshon.. How weird right? :troll:

    4. Glanshon


      We'll have to fix that ;P

  14. Finally happy with how my About Me section looks ^_^ with that though, I am off. Good luck to all that have applied for the Moderation team :)

    1. Glanshon


      Looks good mate :D


      How much would you charge for some work like that? :P

  15. Found some chill time and did a bit of artwork for Skyrim in Photoshop. Available in glorious 1920x1080 for anyone that fancies a new wallpaper! Click Here :)




    1. Penguin


      Woah, that looks awesome, great job :D 

    1. Synplex


      I thought that name looked familiar on the application sheet.. I'm gonna need some more forum ranks with you around :( xD

  16. Enzide forums are live and operational :D forum.enzide.com ^_^

    1. [VIVA] Savage Frog

      [VIVA] Savage Frog

      Nice forum Link :D 

    2. Synplex


      Why thank you! ^_^

  17. Not looking too shabby :PkGLppF2.png

    1. TruckerTom94


      looking good :)

    2. Ashley


      oh ok then so don't do me one.





    3. Glanshon


      @Ashley it took a bribe of 8gb of RAM to get his lazy ass doing it though ;)


      Jokes, love you really @Linkstar <3 it looks very nice :D

  18. Finally getting around to doing @Glanshon's twitch stuffh4jaShX.png

  19. So yesterday I held a poll where users chose my phone contract. The winner arrived just now :P ta for everyone that voted!



  20. Strawpoll is looking very.. One-sided :lol: only an hour until I close it off: http://www.strawpoll.me/10367065

    1. Puncake


      Well you must be a muppet then @mrcreeper :)

    2. Creatured


      ew Samsung (only good for SSD's)

  21. Okay, fun little game for everyone! My Phone contract ends in 4 days and I need to upgrade, I'm down to 4 phones and can't choose :rolleyes: so you guys get to pick the one I will be using ^_^ I rarely use my Phone, so don't worry about specs etc. Just pick whatever one you feel I should use: http://www.strawpoll.me/10367065


    I will "close" the poll shortly before 17:00 this evening, happy voting :D

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    2. TrademarkGamer


      ^On both devices (sorry for putting this in 2 posts )

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