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  1. If the EU servers are down (apart from #1) to get the winter mod on them then thankyou, otherwise i'll just sit here and cry

  2. Well after a day of having the G29, i can honestly say its a huge improvement over the DFGT

  3. NW 199 ST (in Miami) Be re-born in time to explore the sea (think pirates of the Caribbean) OR Be re-born in time to explore space (think star trek)
  4. Picking up a G29 tomorrow, my DFGT is great but feel its time for an upgrade

  5. Breaking News: Western Spy listens to Hard Bass
  6. That moment when your Forum name is the same as your steam name so it doesn't matter I personally think it is a good idea
  7. Happy birthday

  8. Only time i'll play ETS2 away from TMP is when its promods, absolutely great roads to drive, so vibrant and full of life
  9. Just don't come after midnight haha, i used to play airsoft years ago at a site just on the outskirts of Wrexham industrial estate with First and Only airsoft, cracking place, used to be ROF Wrexham during WW2 i believe.
  10. @Mirrland You live surprisingly close to me I live in (well pretty damn close) to Chester, the walled City Lived here all 31 years of my life, The canal , the River Dee, the Cathedral, Military museum, yearly civil war re-enactment, their is far too much to mention on here. We get a lot of tourists as well and have a huge student population because of the University, their is also a law still in affect (nobody would be daft enough to do it though) that you can legally kill a Welshman with a bow and arrow if they are inside the city walls after midnight.
  11. Half the tyres, cheaper to replace haha
  12. Before it even went public, when the facebook group was set up and SCS were still saying multiplayer wasn't possible
  13. The TMP dev's haven't added support for that DLC yet, so if you want to play ETS2MP you'll need to untick it on your steam library Once you untick the game will update and you should be fine joining multiplayer Also if you could use the SEARCH option on the forum you will find their has been numerous threads about it in the past. Regards
  14. Can honestly say i love playing ETS2 on the VIVE, well apart from when the damn VR crashes

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