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  1. Could ya check you're messages i'd appreciate it :-)

    1. BIG of ROT
    2. heyhococo


      He'll read them when he gets enough free time.

    3. Half Blood Prince

      Half Blood Prince

      Stop spamming Team's profiles. He can see a DM when he online. No need to write here. Locked.

  2. can you take a look at my VTC advertisement bro? 

  3. Not all topics received similar feedback... I'm not trying to spam the forums and get banned, I'm trying to stay active within the forums and apparently i'm doing it the wrong way. Question, From now will every post need to be moderated/accepted before posted?..
  4. Yes, It's just it's a tad bit hard getting my post count up without intending to do so! I'm trying to reply to threads with the best reply to their question. I'm a bit of a forum freak and it's a bit hard posting, What do you think would be the best thing to do is while posting on the forums so i stop getting these warning points. And Okay, Appreciate it will do, I'm always nice! / I'm not in a hurry it's just i haven't been on forums since the morning and i've missed quite a few topics and i thought i'd give my feedback/opinion as that's what they asked in those topics!
  5. ^ Well that was well deserved but one thing i don't get, You're adding restrictions to being able to put up you're VTC's and you expect people to not want to increase their post count? That's where i'm a bit loss. Thanks for the replies.
  6. ^ One of the warning points was well deserved, The other one not so much as i'm trying my best to answer questions to threads. If you could show me the threads in a message or on here where my posts weren't useful i'd appreciate it. Yes that is one of my interests is to be able to put my VTC up on the section although it's a bit hard to post without wanting to post to get post count . I did make quite a bit of posts in a short period of time but i'm not bumping a thread from ages ago but more recent and as well as if these threads weren't answered and i came across them I've tried my best to answer them. My intention wasn't to spam the forums but to be able to respond to posts as that's what you're suppose to do on a forum
  7. ^ I've done neither or i'm putting my all into my post's making sure i'm not giving back useless content/feedback and Well what is posting on the forums for then? Besides helping others out, Increasing your post! In order to create a VTC thread you need 100 useful posts and that's about impossible to get without answering questions/threads. If you put a restriction on for example making VTC threads there is no other way to get them without posting away. * I've made sure all my content is useful for the thread maker.
  8. I seem to keep getting warning points for posting on forums, I don't understand why i would be getting them either, Yes spamming is against the forum rules but is answering a unanswered question considered spamming? I wouldn't think it would be all my post have been useful and for the better to help the person that created the topic which is why people post topics to get feedback/communicate and have a good o'l time. Keep in mind, I'm not double posting on topics i'm just posting on topics that have either yet to be answered or topics that i could give more of a better answer then one's above me. (In my opinion) Could someone feel free to elaborate with me? It's a tad bit hard to get 100 post count without being able to post on topic without it considered being spamming i feel like. Thank you for you're time. @Truckers MP Staff.
  9. Soy de Canadá, aunque hablo portugués y español y mi padre son ambos hispana .. sí , es un poco extraño que soy de Canadá jaja pero padres son de Jalisco Tepa
  10. Try to use the Car for convoys or for to heading to you're garage to take you're truck out man ! Safe trucking!
  11. I honestly love you for this, I always had to explain to people how to do this. Now i can refer to you're topic, You saved me a breath or two. Appreciate it tons. My God, you made my life easier <3
  12. ^ I totally agree, If this could be done it would be an amazing addition to ATS MP, This would remove some trucks crashing into the barrier or from being late to there loads.
  13. Best of luck to everyone that applies, I hope you all live up to the standards that truckers MP holds
  14. Appreciate it brotha <3

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