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  1. Hi there Gaeul,


    It basically means that if you have 2 history bans (usually marked as "1-month due to §2.8"), then your ban will be extended to permanent, regardless of how many active bans you have. Those history bans need to be active. If there's a history ban that is not active (as in inactive, marked as yellow), it will not count towards your history.


    Let me provide you with an example of a ban history that will result in a permanent ban with 2 history bans:

    1) Reckless driving - 5 days

    2) Reckless driving + Inappropriate overtaking - 10 days

    3) Insulting - 5 days

    4) Reckless driving + Ramming - 1-month due to §2.8

    5) (FIRST BAN TURNS INACTIVE resulting in 3 active bans, and this being the fourth active ban now) Reckless driving + Ramming - 1-month due to §2.8

    6) (2 ACTIVE HISTORY BANS) Insulting - permanent due to history


    Hope this helps. ?

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  2. Hi there,


    I wouldn't give them too much attention. There's always a group of people doing that and the best you could do is to ignore them. If it goes as far as following you and your friend on a daily basis non-stop, then drop me a message on Discord, and we'll discuss there.

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  3. Hi there,


    You're not banned from the reporting system. This is because all of your reports have been declined, which means that once a report gets declined, your score may decrease up to a point where you will no longer be able to report other players. I looked at some of your reports and all of them have been declined because you were using screenshots for driving-related offenses. We require video evidence for offenses listed under §2 to be able to defend ourselves in case the player decides to appeal his ban. This is to ensure that the actions the perpetrator was reported for have really taken place and were not modified. Also, screenshots only show a moment in time rather than a time-span.  


    I hope this answers your question.

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  4. In solchen Fällen können wir eine Ausnahme machen, aber das machen wir sehr selten und unter besonderen Umständen. Ansonsten nutzen die Leute das nur aus und das wollen wir nicht. Ich werde die Sache aber intern klären, sodass die 2 Nutzer, die du oben verlinkt hast, ihren Urlaub in Kürze genießen werden.


    Update: Beide sind nun gebannt. Danke. ?

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