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  1. I personally won't ever say either in chat. To me, it just seems a bit pointless, as it doesn't change anything.
  2. I've currently got a Renault T with the sleeper cab, which I'm finding really great. 520hp is enough for most cargos, and you can always save-edit in a more powerful engine if you need it...
  3. Glad to see there's some more information available to the public. Hopefully it will be out soon, however we never know what the future holds...
  4. I'd suggest that adding more vehicles only adds to the simulation experience for people who want a "hardcore" trucking experience. As for people using the vehicles to troll, they would just use another vehicle to troll even if the cars were removed.
  5. To me, it seems like you're describing releasing all the alternating vehicles at once. They're based off the AI models, so they're already implementing what you're suggesting just not releasing more than 2 at once...
  6. The whole concept of alternating vehicles is to provide a variety of vehicles without having a "bulk" download, that would put too much stress on the servers. At present, they are fulfilling their aim, and I consider this scheme a success. Your point about them not needing much modelling, however, is perhaps a little misplaced. As I understand it, each "alternating vehicle" has the mirror placement and interior remodelled in some fashion to ensure that it is safe and useable. To attempt to do this for all AI vehicles would be simply unfeasible with the current size of the team, not even c
  7. prime_fire.png


    I had some fun taking some pictures in SP this morning.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Brilliant photo 🥰 Poor car tho, rip 😢

  8. I definitely agree with the whole idea and implementation of the limit. The game shouldn't be about actively reporting other players, it should be about to trying to have a good experience yourself, so a higher limit would just encourage excessive reporting.
  9. It is a good point that it would put additional load onto the servers, however.
  10. Whilst I can see the appeal of this, the times in which you want to have rain synchronised are often when you're driving with someone, so you could easily "sync" the weather by both using a console command at the same time. Therefore, I still think this has merits, but I don't think it's going to be a game changing experience. +1
  11. The only actual mods you can have active whilst online are Promods and the Seasonal Mod, so I usually don't use any, unless I'm looking to explore some of the Promods map expansion. I do usually drive a save-edited vehicle, however this isn't technically modding, as it isn't adding any additional content to the game, only creatively using what is already there. Very occasionally, I'll use a vehicle with local-addon hookup accessories (often mistakenly called local mods), however I don't usually do this as I don't see much benefit in having vehicle components that only I can see and i
  12. Took a couple photos from one of the Promods convoys.





    The April Fools day vehicles were quite fun too.

    1. Picky99


      I see OSL and meeee :woah:

    2. wesleyr99
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
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