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  1. Had a fairly smooth drive up from Ivalo to Kirkenes with @KGT l xTH3xMoDsZx l UK l UK @KGT | Greta on Keta | UK & @Andy_TMP (who I thank for the lovely screenshots). Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!









    1. Lena'


      nice photo and scania ❤️ 

  2. Thank you for the follow!

    1. J a n e k

      J a n e k

      You're welcome! 

  3. Thank you for the follow!

  4. For a couple of months now the older Renault T has been my main truck on my Promods ETS2 profile, and it's been a pleasure to drive, so will have to see what the facelift looks like in the KGT colours! Still waiting for a Renault tuning pack to release at some stage!
  5. Thank you for the follow Fezz ❤️

    1. Fezz98


      You're welcome, I saw you stalking my profile yesterday so I thought I'd return the favour 😛


  6. Did a whopping 1500 mile convoy from San Diego - Las Vegas via Salt Lake City, utilising the rather unique 5 flatbed ATS trailers. A special thank you to @Luna @Koneko & @Milo. for escorting/driving with us on the journey! ❤️


    Photo & Video credit goes to @Drift_Legend, the mastermind behind these trailers! 



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    2. [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Hmm... very long 👀

    3. Dev1ce (G27)

      Dev1ce (G27)

      This is impressive look at how many trailers 👀

    4. wesleyr99
  7. Congratulations on your promotion

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