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  1. I'm lost for words. Thank you for everything you've done for this community. You'll be deeply missed by all of us inside and out of the team. Rest easy legend ❤️.

  2. Thx 4 the follow :bigfan:

  3. No Fezz. You are wrong. I like white chocolate the best as well
  4. Thanks for the follow cutie

  5. hello mr tommy TDW, how you doing?

    1. KGT l TDW24 l CH

      KGT l TDW24 l CH

      Not too bad Mr. Important 😄

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      eyyyy be quite WD40 hehehe

  6. Some photos of my own once more from today (sorry @Ashleyit's Stagecoach again). I did a round trip on several Exeter area country routes today, which went pretty well. Dumping my car in the Honiton Road (Red) Park and Ride, MAN E300 24144 took me into Exeter city centre (this route should be worked by double deckers, but often isn't these days.) A quick walk to the new bus station, and it was on to special liveried E400 19001, mentioned in my previous post here for its "retro" style. This was working the core 57 route from Exeter to Exmouth, normally run by Gold Scania E400s. From there it was onto the little local route 357 to Budleigh Salterton, on Exeter Depot's only old style Optare Solo, 47103. This has only been reactivated into service fleet this week, I believe as a cover for repaints. From there it was onto the parallel 157 route onto Sidmouth, this using E200s. 63 plate 37028 in my case. Finally it was back to Exeter on the main 9/9A route. This normally uses Scania E400s as well, but there is one run on a Saturday that usually gets a newer E400 MMC, in my case 10455, which should be allocated to the earlier mentioned Red Park and Ride route. Due to all the bays at the bus station being full, the driver had to let us off at the road exit! Not photographed, but sister bus 24141 took me back afterwards on the Red again. Happy Weekend!
  7. Not usually one to post things here, but thought I'd add a couple of photos of my own that I took yesterday. This is the (fairly) new Exeter Bus Station, which opened about 5 months ago. It's managed by Stagecoach who do not let any other operators use it! This gives a good idea of Stagecoach South West's fleet offering, with mostly ADL products on offer (with one Optare Solo parked down the bottom end). I personally arrived on little E200MMC 37442 in the centre. Just before I left to do some shopping, I snapped 19002 heading out on the 57 service to Exmouth. This is one of the first E400s ever made, and only the third one delivered to Stagecoach. Older sister 19001 is also at Exeter, and is painted in a 1990s style livery to celebrate 25 years of Stagecoach running in Devon. Sadly, although being on the road yesterday, I didn't see it. Finally, I snapped older E200 37130 after dropping me home.
  8. Congrats on your Promo, Well deserved! 🙂❤️ 

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