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  1. @Samuel. @StaleBread498 @TheYeeter @RagtagBoss@J a n e k @Busman11 Ty fellow prime members for the follows


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RagtagBoss


      You are welcome!

    3. StaleBread498


      no problem candi

    4. Samuel.


      rec ban mass ping xD

      Thanks to you too!

  2. Thanks for the follow :pog: :P

  3. Had a lovely drive with @Emma.x 💜20200719200019_1.jpg
    And @Kitty Girl* in the evening 💜


    1. ScaniaFan89


      Chrome / Gloss wheels would look better imo, i use Absolute Fury Gloss ( front ) & Standard Gloss ( rear ) with the truck brand hub caps! 

    2. Candimane


      Are you talking about my truck, because I prefer to use paint, it helps me stand out more at convoys too if there are any cinematics made.

  4. Forgot to post this, Driving about with @flowahh and @Judha_ and a few others a few days ago.


    1. Judha_


      noice m8

  5. Had a Nice Drive doing achievements in the black sea DLC, First time driving with @Kitty Girl* In her prime paint 💜, and Petros CZ( who doesn't have a forum account).


  6. Sadly as there is no 1.37 MP support yet, had to do the event on SP. And as always representing Prime 💜


  7. Found a Wild @issam0707 on my c-d road travels tonight 💜


  8. Just Finished my first ever official Convoy as part of Prime 💜


  9. It Feels great logging your first ever VTC Job. 
    I told myself when I first joined TMP id never join a VTC but here I am Representing Prime Logistics.
    Cant wait to log many more in the future and Help contribute and play my part in Prime Logistics.



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    2. davidd.


      Welcome to Prime! 💜

    3. rakster [PL]

      rakster [PL]

      Congratulations, have fun in your first ever VTC. 😄

    4. Angel .

      Angel .

      welcome to Prime ❤️

  10. Ah so for example say, my friend was in a convoy server and I wanted to know exactly where they are. I'd be able to see where the convoy is if this feature is enabled for said server?
  11. So Depending on the amount of players in that area will depend on the max speed you can go? Would you be able to explane more on what this means? I think this will be pretty useful.
  12. you will get a badge if u subbmitted all the eggs in the time
  13. @TeamAudi_Chemistry_EM I know i placed 25th and my time is there I would like to know How far the 26th's players time was compered to mine
  14. Well 25th place is a Personal achievement for me, Feels Really good. GG's on those who were faster than me, and the rest of the people who submitted. @Digital Would there be any chance of knowing the Time for 26th place? I wouldn't mind knowing how far off they were to me?
  15. I dont see how this helps? And To be honest the way I see it is that Your going to put your pc under stress even in "idle" time where your letting your pc Cool off a bit, wouldn't that just burn out your components quicker? Also I Cant help put feel Your enabling hackers to get in easier as your all connecting to one server and basically sharing your pc? Feel free to disagree, but this is my view on it.
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