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  1. Today I have 2 Omnidekka's Running the 58 route, as part of the reduced time table. 907 and 990. Taken on 12/5/2020 Taken on 15/5/2020
  2. For today I have another two of our Enviro 400's (During lockdown as most of our E400s are silver and they are diesel they were used more than the gas buses) Fleet number 622 doing the 36 runs and 661 on the 58 route ( I do love the front silver destination board on the diesel's) Both taken on the 26/3/2020
  3. The next few pictures were taken during the time of the UK wide lock down due to Coronavirus, These are Images before I was furloughed, during furlough, and when I had returned back to work but we were still ruining a reduced service. Here we have 609 in its old paint, doing the 44 runs I also have 615 on the route 35A (which is a shorten'd version of the 35 route) Both were taken on the 26/3/2020
  4. Candimane, nice to meet you. I'm Ji shisan. Can you make friends with me?

  5. For today I have an interesting picture, 330 in its old green line green color on route 30 (taken on 2/3/2020)
  6. Today I have a special one, fleet number 500, its the 100th gas bus to be built for Nottingham, and its a slightly different design spec to the other gas buses we have, like Bluetooth bells and electric fans instead of a hydrolic fan for engine cooling. It also has tables at the back of the bus. Here it is on route 50, which was its main route for a while. (taken on 27/2/2020) Secondly I have one of our solo SR's 347 branded navy line 3 bus, on the route 31 (taken on 27/2/2020)
  7. what do you mean @Ashley? ---- For today's pictures I have one of our Enviro 200's 375 on route 40, covered in a wrap (taken on 24/2/2020) And secondly I have another one of our omnidekkas 910 on the 57 route (taken on 27/2/2020)
  8. For today I have Scania Omnidekka 901 on the route 49A (Chassis N230UD) (taken 24/2/2020) And I also have one of our newish Enviro 200 MMC Midi's 309 on the 88 route. (taken 24/2/2020)
  9. @- Pink Ribbon -I am pretty sure i have seen some of Plymouth buses before, would be a few years ago now. Interesting Pictures though. Some Nice Enviro 400's. For today I have: One of our Enviro 400's ,614 on the 45 route (Chassis N230UD) (taken on 14/2/2020) I also have a very special picture, one of our Scania Omnidekka's. 932 was the last Omnidekka ever built for Nottingham, before optare stopped building them in 2011 I believe. From 2011 on wards we brought the Enviro 400's. Here it is on route 4 the Uni route.(Chassis N230UD) (taken 24/2/2020)
  10. Today I have One of our Scania Enviro 400 CBGCity's (Chassis N280UD) this was a rare picture for 422 on the 58 route. (taken on 16/11/2019) Also I have another one of our Enviro 200's 387 on the 40 route (taken 6/2/2020) And then kinda the reverse a Solo SR on the 46 route, fleet number 339 (taken 13/2/2020)
  11. For today I have: Our Scania Omnidekka 979 but this time on the 26A (Chassis N270UD) (taken on 19/9/2019) (Retired) And our old Solo SR 237 on the 40 route (taken 4/11/2019) (retired)
  12. For today's Picture I have one of our Scania Omnicity's 516 on the 39 route (taken on 27/6/2019) (retired) And one of our old 59 plate Scania Omnidekka's 979 on the 26 (Chassis N270UD) (taken on 18/9/2019) (Retired)
  13. Today I have one of our old Silver Scania Omnicity's 306 on route 34 (taken on 5/9/2019) (Retired) And also one of our Pink Solo SR's 337 on the 87 route (taken 5/9/2019)
  14. Thank you for your follow :HaulieLove:

  15. Today's showcase: First one of our ADL Enviro 200's 395 in its old livery on the route 41 (taken on 15/10/2019) Next I have a Scania Ommnidekka 914 on the route 69A which has now become a training school bus (chassis is a N230UD) taken on 6/9/2019 Finally I have another Scania Omnidekka 978 on route 27 (Chassis N270UD) taken on 16/9/2019 (retired)
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