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  1. Adyox

    Lags 1.32

    TotalEDM, I have no problem in singleplayer
  2. Adyox

    Lags 1.32

    Hello, For some time now, since the arrival of 1.32 on multi, I have a really unpleasant concern at the level of FPS. Let me explain : When I ride quietly, I have loss of FPS when I look towards a truck group, or even sometimes, when I look to a truck, I pers about 5 to 13 FPS. Small precision, it usually happens to me (see all the time) that cabin view. I said, it's not my graphics card nor my PC and I know it Cordially
  3. Adyox

    A test for car

    Suggestion Name : A test for car Suggestion Description : Hello good night, I would like to talk about something that I think is important: the Skoda. Indeed, the car is a point quite criticized, why ? For the simple reason that 3/4 of the players use it very badly. So good, receive criticism while you handle the car well unlike a lot of people, it's not cool. I went to the heart of the subject : a test and a code to pass to be able to drive a car. According to me, it would be very nice to add a test (or some kind of license) to limit idiots by car. Sorry if this idea may seem far-fetched and unacceptable. Cordially. Any example images: X Why should it be added ? : To reduce the number of idiots by car 
  4. Adyox

    Lags on 1.32

    I think, I have solve this problem. Thanks for yours answers
  5. Adyox

    Lags on 1.32

    I haven't any drivers and I have already put off "Load Cabin Accessories"
  6. Adyox

    Lags on 1.32

    I love the 1.32 recently put on TruckersMP but unfortunately, I have a small problem that bothers me a little. Let me explain : When I play on any server even on the EU # 1, my problem is that I lag but .. not all the time. When there is no one in a city, I do not lag but when there is even one person in the city I lag. I just have to look to where there are people to have lags. Is this normal? Is it 1.32 on TruckersMP doing that? I just say that like that but I do not have a bad PC, so the reasons for these lags do not come from my PC.
  7. Suggestion Name : News on the road Suggestion Description : You know, a lot of players have a lot of fun playing on ETS2MP, others too, but their old ones .. and some of the missing elements in multiplayer. Me, he chose that I did not miss on ETS2MP, it's events (not counting the routers of the MAJ 1.31). So here, as I just said, on the road, are for me, have chosen to miss ETS2MP, for me, it adds more "life" multiplayer, although, she is already present. Let me explain, when I talk about a road event, it is for example events that involve administrators and players. For example, Event, it can have a small organized chase between a player and an administrator, where there is a little everywhere in the map. I can give another example if you want it: a big accident, an always organized, where as an example, two trucks fits and blocks the entire track and subsequently the accident and unblocks the road (for example). There are still many more adventures. So, yes, indeed, you will tell me, it does not change the paths of players, but I think of all those who have more actions of life in the game of players. I am aware, it will not pass the game of players, but it's a bit of novelty. Any example images : No Why should it be added ? : For more action and life in multiplayer
  8. It is propably that you pressed F11, presses it to reafix it.
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