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  1. Hello Truckers, Today we released next update that changes the gameplay and deliveries economy. We have introduced the term of «popular» and «unpopular» cargo, which directly depend on what cargo the VTCW community carries. The most popular cargos start to fall in price over time and the probability of their appearance decreases. The less popular ones start to grow in value and are more often offered for delivery. In this way, the community fully influences the cargo economy. This is not the final implementation and we will continue to improve this. Happy Trucking in TruckersMP with VTC.World.
  2. Hello Truckers, Just recently, we celebrated the anniversary of the begining open beta testing. VTC.World turns 4 years old. Yes, it is exactly 4 years ago from the moment the project was invented and its concept was worked out. We spent three years in closed beta testing to optimize and develop all the features and software before presenting our project to the community. 18th april we am excited to invite you to VTC.World's birthday party. Description of event: https://vtc.world/cp/events/view/?e=674C61E22EAE38F3&lang=en Topic of the event: We will be glad to see you on the dedicated server "VTC.World Birthday" on 18th April.
  3. Hello community, We are happy to announce another update that affects gameplay with the VTC.World in-game profile. If you now play on the VTCW profile, you have real diesel fuel prices, from the real world. Prices are updated once a week. For American Truck Simulator, this will be activated soon on the server. At the moment, in some countries, fuel prices are lower than in the base game This is another step of the VTC.World to a simulator in multiplayer without being hardcore.
  4. We are pleased to welcome you to the open convoy in honor of the anniversary of the VTC.World Birthday Start: 16:00 UTC From: Marseille To: Псков Route More details: https://vtc.world/cp/events/view/?e=674C61E22EAE38F3&lang=en Temporary rules General rules: — Event organizers and TruckersMP Game Moderators will send messages in the chat with information throughout the event. You should pay attention to those. — Voice communication with the event organizers will not be provided throughout the event. — The order of the players in the convoy will not be regulated. — Overtaking in the convoy or otherwise cutting in line by any means is prohibited. — Freeroaming or leaving your spot is prohibited unless you need to get fuel or visit the service station. — In order to respect others, you should unload one at a time. In that sense, you should wait for the person ahead of you to finish the delivery and clear the area before proceeding with yours unload. Server rules: — Follow all TruckersMP rules. In the event that a rule mentioned below contradicts a TruckersMP rule, the rule mentioned below would take priority. — Overtaking, driving with your beacons on, using a car, or driving without a trailer are all prohibited. — HTС trailers, double-hitch trailers and heavy loads are not allowed to be used. — Some roads may be blocked by the event organizers or moderators of TruckersMP. The rules mentioned here do not apply to them.
  5. VTC.World services have been updated and over the past 2 weeks I have tried to solve the most important problems that have plagued many users... more details in official VTC.World topic

  6. Hello community, VTC.World services have been updated and over the past 2 weeks I have tried to solve the most important problems that have plagued many users, such as: Instability of the telemetry server. Periodic disconnections from the telemetry server. Duplicates in the delivery history. Presence of cargo after its delivery in the game at the next entry. All requests for technical support were not ignored and solved, this is very important for us and for you. But now, I will be happy to see all VTC.World users online, so that we can check how effective the measures and improvements that have been made are. Thank you to those who are already playing with VTC.World, and welcome new players to open beta testing.
  7. Take care of yourself and hope you'll come back a day

  8. Hello community, On 1st February, we invite you to the open convoys in honor of the anniversary of the VTC.World release in open beta testing. We have planned 2 events for you in Euro Truck Simulator 2 on the dedicated TruckersMP server. Server name: VTC.World 1 Year OBT More information in our topic of these events: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/92211-1st-february-2020-vtcworld-1-year-in-obt/ We will be happy to meet you at our events on 1st February! Kind regards, VTC.World Team
  9. Hello everyone! We have prepared a new video to show, how you can share the cargo and join to a friend for joint delivery with VTC.World.
  10. Hello @Chris [FR], thank you for feedback. Since VTCW prohibits third-party applications from accessing its profile, and saves do not contain all statistical information to lowest the weight of save files, we cannot provide compatibility with TrucksBook at these moment. Also, I can't guarantee that this will be possible in the future, since TrucksBook needs access to the save files that can't be granted.
  11. Congratulation to return Game Moderator!


    Happy Trucking :D

  12. Welcome Back, We Miss You So Much! ❤️ 

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