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  1. Hello, truckers! Yes, today we are playing within the framework of 1.40, when the official updates 1.41 have already been released. But, this does not mean that I can't tell you about the VTC.World news! After testing in the team and among the Patrons, I am happy to introduce the screenshot mode in VTCW. This update has already been released and is available to everyone. The full list of changes can be found on our website https://vtc.world/cp/ver/ But, I'm happy to show you 2 videos, and one of them is our digest with subtitles. Example of new features: https://youtu.be/aZZ8KVbcSog Digest with news about this (Subtitles included): https://youtu.be/oB7lh-YRHxA I hope you liked what I told you about! See you later
  2. Hello, truckers! We have already shown a similar video about the future truck market in VTC.World, but we cannot present a raw solution to the public. A number of nuances were identified that took time for research to understand how to improve it. Today I am glad to inform you that I managed to improve some important points when creating screenshots. 1. Now, to make your screenshots brighter and all your light accessories look attractive, VTC.World automatically turns them on and turns them off later, according to your settings. 2. To make all your accessories that are in the cabin visible, we have added automatic FOV control for the dashboard and sleepspace, regardless of your settings. The VTC.World market is just around the corner, stay with us! See how the truck sales interface works now in this video: This is a beta version demonstration, with possible errors both functional and in localization. Have a good road to you
  3. Hello truckers I am happy to announce that now, for joint deliveries, events, and teleporting to friends, we support all locations that are located in the NO COLLISIONS AREA, even if they are not related to the city. Have a nice game
  4. Welcome back!🥳

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