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  1. Hello, truckers, Today we are happy to introduce you a new feature that will allow you to share your level and some statistics in VTC.World on other community resources. We have added the ability to change the cover for your profile and implemented a signature feature that you can add on the forums and in your BIO of TruckersMP profile. All these innovations are available in your profile settings, both through the website and in the VTC.World client. This is the first innovation that we have implemented together with @CJMAXiK. Many thanks to him
  2. Hello truckers, Today we updated the rules for calculating the delivery rating. What has changed: An additional TMR for the cargo is awarded only if the delivery is successful and distance is greater than the minimum (150 km). The TMR for mass/distance is awarded only if the rating distance is greater than the minimum (150 km). TMR for the status is awarded only for successful deliveries. Failed deliveries always have a negative TMR per status. Violations now have a slightly more negative impact on reputation. Also, a new system "Accruals
  3. Hello, truckers. We really appreciate your support and now, for Premium Patrons, the ability to distribute cargo along with the truck is available. Both directly and through invitations. Subscribe on Patreon, your support helps to develop the project. https://www.patreon.com/VTCWorld
  4. Hello, truckers, As you remember, last week we had some technical problems and had to shut down some of our servers for an extended period of time. The problem was that one of the hard drives failed and subsequently some of the software as well. We drew conclusions from what happened and decided to change our infrastructure to improve the resilience of our service and minimize similar incidents. To do this, we rented another server with more disks and data mirroring to cover our future needs for the VTC system. In addition, distributed backup systems will be deployed to
  5. Hello truckers, Good news for those who prefer to play on a personal profile. In the latest update of VTC.World was implemented full support for profiles linked to the Steam Cloud. Happy trucking!
  6. Hello, truckers! We were happy to celebrate the second anniversary of the release of our project in open beta testing with a great convoy! We have big plans for this year and will be a lot of interesting things. Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who plays with VTC.World and will join us in the future. Thank you for you with us!
  7. Hello truckers, In update, we added information about the location of the steering wheel in the cab. Perhaps all this will seem meaningless from the outside, just information, but it's not just that. The information about trucks and trailers has been updated for a reason, we will use it in the future in the new features.
  8. No, I'm not changing the physics of stabilization in any way.
  9. Hello truckers, In the latest VTC.World update, we added more information about your current truck and trailer in the profile, as well as in the delivery history. We will continue to refine the system of identification and localization of trailers. Also, we added information about the stabilization of the truck and trailer, and forbade changing it if you have an up-to-date delivery. We have plans for the future and information about stabilization is very important for statistics. Also, this is another way to simulate. We discussed this with real drivers and came to the
  10. On the side of VTCW, everything has been done so that TB can ensure compatibility with VTCW. There are two ways that TB developers can interact with the profile and register all deliveries without exception. But to do this, TB must modify its client. The TB client itself has access to the VTCW profile to read data, but the problem is that the decryption of the saves is handled by a third-party utility that cannot be granted access. If the TB client, before decrypting the save, copied the file to a temporary folder and processed it there, then there would be no problems. Also, TPA mode was impl
  11. Hello truckers, According on testing of previous updates, user feedbacks, and taking into account the features of VTC.World when working with own profile, we came to the conclusion that we can not provide 100% support for TrucksBook on our side But to make such support possible, a new mode for third-party developers «Third-party Application (TPA)» was implemented. This mode allows you to read the game.sii data of the VTC.World profile from a special directory, without directly accessing the profile files. You can read more about this in our FAQ: https://forum.vtc.w
  12. Some issues have been fixed. Now everything should work and deliveries on the VTCW profile in TrucksBook should be counted correctly. upd: If your deliveries on VTCW profile are also not counted, try running TrucksBook Client as an Administrator.
  13. Hello @[23]ThunderSky, VTC.World now supports TrucksBook Client for VTC.World profile.
  14. Здравствуйте, Есть такая возможность, и не одна. Можно присоединиться к совместной доставке друга как напрямую, через друзей, или через код приглашения. Подробное описание этих возможностей вы можете найти в статьях нашего FAQ. https://forum.vtc.world/index.php?/topic/1714-как-присоединиться-к-доставке-друга/ https://forum.vtc.world/index.php?/topic/1679-как-создать-совместную-доставку-по-приглашению/ Еще рекомендую почитать про мероприятия: https://forum.vtc.world/index.php?/topic/1688-как-присоединиться-к-мероприятию/
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