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  1. Hi truckers, We have released an update to our VTC.World client with support of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator versions 1.38, but in addition, we have made some changes to the rating system so that the game is fair for everyone, and also implemented some features that were announced earlier as part of the road to GDPR compliance. Here is the full list of changes of latest VTC.World update: + Support of Euro Truck Simulator 2 v. + Support of American Truck Simulator v. + Support of the «American Truck Simulator — Idaho» DLC. + Support of ProMods v.2.50. + Support of updates on the server. + If the fuel economy is more than 9.99l. but less than 15l., assigned is maximum TMR as equivalent of 15l. + You can now join to opened events within a single game no more than once every 65 minutes. Not applicable for 24-hour events. + For the history of the delivery added parameter the «Rating distance». Rating distance + Can not exceed 25% of the planned distance. + According to this distance, TMR is calculated for «Mass/Distance». + TOP's now only take into account rating distance. + All deliveries in the history and TOP's were recalculated. GDPR + For the user profile, in edit mode, the ability to download your data that we do not consider public and store for your account has been added. + Implemented the «Right to be forgotten». The option to delete your account is now available in your account settings. The privacy policy will be updated soon. Thank you to everyone who plays with VTC.World! See you on the roads of multiplayer.
  2. Hi truckers, The month of mass vacations has come and our Sunday meetings will be even less frequent. But I think we can make up for it a little. I will tell you - "What has been done", "What problems we know about", and "What will happen next". What have we done? We have implemented real fuel prices in ETS2 and ATS and have tested this for several months. Cool feature! It works! We have implemented a dynamic cargo economy that is completely dependent on the VTC.World community carries. We have tested this for several months and we can confidently say that it works as we expected. Earlier, we received complaints that new players do not feel the changes in the economy on the VTC.World profile - the dynamic cargo economy now complements this perfectly. The storage of profiles was modified, so that there was a place to store VTC profiles. Licensed skin library, updated CEF browser engine. This allowed us to solve the problem of crashing and closing the client in some cases. New network library licensed. This made it possible to improve and optimize data exchange with the telemetry server, optimize the telemetry server operation. The service library for debugging is licensed, which made it possible to identify and fix multiple bugs, and also, now it is one of the main tools in the work on new versions. Solved multiple problems with network connections to our servers. Now, everything is clear! What problems do we know about? Spawning at the previous location when joining a friend/event in case of a disconnection from the TruckersMP servers with the reason "Unreliable connection". No idea how to fix this from our side. We expect TruckersMP to fix and finalize this. Random freezes of the game, it is not clear why and when, for 5-10 seconds or permanently, when the VTCW client continues to work. This is a recent issue and we are working on it to understand the causes of these freezes. We are not sure if they are related to VTCW only. We continue to study this problem. "I handed over the cargo, re-entered the game, and I'm again with the load!" - Read the FAQ! Configure your antivirus and firewall already! If you cannot do it yourself, please contact our support. What will happen next? Since VTC.World is being developed as an international project exclusively for TruckersMP, we (like TruckersMP) must support the legislation of the European Union, in particular - the GDPR law. We originally hoped we could avoid this, but no. The new TruckersMP rules for unofficial utilities have accelerated this process and therefore supporting the GDPR is now a priority for us. Based on our concept, loners and VTC should exist in one ecosystem. Each VTC needs its own transport to carry out its activities, and this is true. Now in our community, there are many players of different levels, with a different vehicle fleet. It is essentially a ready-made used truck market in the VTC.World community. And this will be the first step in this ecosystem. VTC system. The main thing that has already been repeatedly announced is that VTC employees will have a work profile that will be pre-configured by the head. It will be a working machine that you cannot tune, change its components. Only the VTC management will decide which car and what configuration to provide to the driver. More news about the VTC system, economy, ratings - we will tell you in the future. Thanks to everyone who plays with VTC.World, supports the project financially, reports problems and bugs - each of you contributes! This allows us to develop, thank you.
  3. RusTK 6th Anniversary




    Video by @[Интегра] stаsmаster, camera @[BEARS] Respect.

    1. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      Beautiful Video and Happy Birthday RusTK ❤️ 

    2. [RusTK] Alex KERNEL
    3. Alon_TMP


      Wow . Nice  ^_^

  4. hi mir wurde gestern von meinem kumpel gesagt das die hct sperre in einigen deutschen städten aufgehoben wurde, habe dies vorhin versucht konnte aber keinen hct nach deutschland überstellen, meine frage ist daher stimmt das es in deutschland städte gibt wo ich mein hct ziehen kann? p.s: bezieht sich alles auf ets2 mp

    1. DarkMoon [RU/EN]

      DarkMoon [RU/EN]

      Hello @truckeregbers2016!


      Please do not spam to the admins, it's not allowed! If you cant switch your trailer to the German garage, better to ask about it SCS, because truckersmp can't do anything with it. Thanks for understanding 

    2. truckeregbers2016


      yes i understand, but i mean high cargo trailer to drive on your server eu 1, a friend told me i can drive this trailer on düsseldorf, itried out but it is no running with this trailer


    3. [RusTK] Alex KERNEL

      [RusTK] Alex KERNEL

      Hello @truckeregbers2016,


      I don't quite understand what you are talking about, and I'm not sure that I can provide you with the correct information within my competence. You should contact our technical support in your native language to get more qualified help https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets

  5. Welcome Back Alex  🥰

  6. Welcome Back! ❤

  7. I wish you success as a game moderator! 😋

  8. Hello community, We have released a new version of VTC.World and now you can see more information about your truck and your friend's truck. We added information about the cab, chassis, fuel tanks configuration, engine model, and transmission. This information is available in the game overlay, in the friend information, as well as in the user profile, in the "TruckersMP" tab. For your own truck that you are currently driving, you can now see the full price, which is calculated taking into account all the accessories. You can watch this in your profile in tab "TruckersMP". We have also added this extended information to your delivery details.  Now, if you changed the configuration of the truck or the truck itself during delivery, this information will be available in the delivery information. Happy Trucking in TruckersMP with VTC.World
  9. Hello community, I hope you enjoyed our update with real fuel prices for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and I am happy to inform you that we have enabled real diesel prices for American Truck Simulator. Happy Trucking in TruckersMP with VTC.World.
  10. Hello Truckers, Today we released next update that changes the gameplay and deliveries economy. We have introduced the term of «popular» and «unpopular» cargo, which directly depend on what cargo the VTCW community carries. The most popular cargos start to fall in price over time and the probability of their appearance decreases. The less popular ones start to grow in value and are more often offered for delivery. In this way, the community fully influences the cargo economy. This is not the final implementation and we will continue to improve this. Happy Trucking in TruckersMP with VTC.World.
  11. Hello Truckers, Just recently, we celebrated the anniversary of the begining open beta testing. VTC.World turns 4 years old. Yes, it is exactly 4 years ago from the moment the project was invented and its concept was worked out. We spent three years in closed beta testing to optimize and develop all the features and software before presenting our project to the community. 18th april we am excited to invite you to VTC.World's birthday party. Description of event: https://vtc.world/cp/events/view/?e=674C61E22EAE38F3&lang=en Topic of the event: We will be glad to see you on the dedicated server "VTC.World Birthday" on 18th April.
  12. Hello community, We are happy to announce another update that affects gameplay with the VTC.World in-game profile. If you now play on the VTCW profile, you have real diesel fuel prices, from the real world. Prices are updated once a week. For American Truck Simulator, this will be activated soon on the server. At the moment, in some countries, fuel prices are lower than in the base game This is another step of the VTC.World to a simulator in multiplayer without being hardcore.
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