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  1. My favourite artist is Iron Maiden, I love Rock ! Here's a link when i play Iron maiden on drums. Don't hesitate to comment ! https://photos.app.goo.gl/9cc4aX8f6rKGZASi6
  2. The best destination is the United States, but today, with the COVID, the best destination is your home ! I agree with you !
  3. What is a messy room ? Go here ! https://photos.app.goo.gl/FCD7PuTdnBx8n52n9
  4. Yes, it will be an other DLC to purchase if you want to have Promods
  5. My favorite skin is Canopy, I think that the most VTC's use Duellist or Sunrise skins, and Canopy is an original skin !
  6. I think that the idea is very good, but you probably have to run TruckersMP with a good graphics card.
  7. I think that some others Patreon paint trucks or paint Trailers will be very nice ! For example, a beautiful picture taken during a Patreon Convoy
  8. Thank you very much TruckersMP Team ! It's genious, because I can drive in Promods Canada in the same server as the other players !
  9. I have a question about Congested Zones : Which zones can be considered as Congested Zones, next Kirkenes and Calais-Duisburg road ?
  10. I can't wait Iberia DLC, but probably, it will release in 1.40 update, in TruckersMP.
  11. Thank you for your subject, it can help me when I want to avoid a road (Calais Duisburg), which is very congested, and when I want to avoid to have 5 FPS mdrr
  12. My Favorite Trucks : Mercedes New Actros Scania S Renault T
  13. I love this background, probably it has been taken in Scandinavia, in Sweden. This DLC is composed of very beautiful landscapes ! Thank you for this UI !
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