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  1. Nody

    Garage Bug

    I have tried reinstalling game, it still gets stuck . Can anyone recommend or suggest additional fixes?
  2. -1 from me. You can always mute your honk from in-game settings. Apart from that, what if someone blocks the way? I know blocking is against rules and we can report that player but the first thing people will do to make that player aware that he is blocking or stopping their way is by honking, if people just get kicked for honking then it would be no use. Just report the player who is honking unnecessarily that's the best solution I guess and as said above you can just let admin or moderator deal it once its reported. Remember in real life there are traffic rules, if people break them they have to deal with fines and other legal procedures if such features will be implemented then it won't be realistic in the first place and in-game you have report system which is equivalent to traffic rules (real life), just record , report and let the wrongdoer get punished.
  3. Nody

    Encode a Truck

    Its indeed against rules to go beyond the server speed limit by using some mods or editing your files, you might end up getting reported if you end up ramming other players or overspeeding since max speed in the server is 150 kmph i.e 90 or 93 mph (correct me if am wrong). So yes its forbidden unless you are trying to point out something else which I am not getting.
  4. Nody

    Garage Bug

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Keyboard and Mouse Description of Issue: Greetings, Whenever I buy a new garage and after all those in-game scenes are done, my trucks get stuck. I can use honking, can steer it left and right and other features of the truck but cannot move it front or back. I as well tried to quick travel to the nearby service centre to check out whether the truck moves or not, but it never moves until I restart the game. I am not sure how many are facing this issue but are there any fixture for this? P.S happens only In MP. How to reproduce: N/A. Screenshots / Videos: None.
  5. Hello, Follow this post steps,
  6. Good Morning  to all , have a nice and lovely day guys, happy trucking :D

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Good Morning :) Thx, you 2 :)

  7. Good night guys, sweet dreams, it's1.30 am here, cya 

  8. At times your game doesn't start up on screen but in background, it might be running, check in Task Manager and if its on there, try to close that and retry again.
  9. Good morning truckers, have  a nice and lovely day to you all !

  10. Good night guys, 1 am here sleep well, sweet dreams, take care, nighty night :) :D

  11. The new account cannot be bind with your Steam ETS2 unless you delete your old account or you log in or manage to find your old acc login details. But yes you can give a shot if it can be done. As far as I know, you cannot bind ets2 with more than one account on WOT.
  12. This means that you have used some other email or some other account for binding your truckers mp with your steam. Happened with me, just goto your email and try to remember which email it was or just click on forgot or reset password, enter your emails (if you have more than one) and try and look if it does send you password reset link to that particular email, if it does then its probably your old acc email, reset it and then change pass and works fine. I forgot I had my old email registered so yeah I ended up making two WOT account. @endlessrain
  13. Nody


    that's weird, are you doing external contracts? if yes then you indeed by default have to follow the speed of 56 mph, constant and if you are doing normal deliveries and in order to turn your speed limit off (just making a note how to do it ) , all you need to do is go to game settings and untick or uncheck Traffic rules box and there is a 150 mph on ETS servers , so at max you can go is 150 mph.
  14. second!!!!!!

  15. Good luck Lorena. Hope to see you soon ,stay in touch with us on forums and/or discord:)

  16. Happy Birthday Miky , party well :):)

  17. Nody

    Login error

    If possible can you changed language display to English or if possible can you write down what message it's showing in English here, it will be bit easy for me to understand it so I can try to find out fix if possible
  18. Left side but yeh upto you if you feel you are comfortable with right side then alright.
  19. Alright will join, thanks for the invitation. P.S link is expired.
  20. Nody


    Hello, thank you, everyone, for helping me out here, yes I am fully satisfied with all replies, in future, I will browse search and then make a topic, Thank you guys
  21. ^ As per my experience, people with ping more than 250, very rare cast I have seen people with 200 ping lags a lot but with 200+ they surely do.
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