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  1. Falcon Trucking | Trucking Your Imagination | ETS2

    Thank you guys. As a Part of Expansion to other games as well, we felt the need to change Domain and it is http://www.falconites.com guys who want to apply please feel free to visit website and apply or write to us at [email protected]
  2. EU4 equivalent for ATS

    This is a good idea. It would be nice if one NCZ sever for ATS is there. One example i faced is that before summer Event 2018 me and my team want to test different trucks for racing but unfortunately we don't have NCZ server in ATS. It will help new drivers to learn, VTCs for Photo shoots etc.. My suggestion is that If you think maintenance would be costly then you can turn on on weekends(SAT/SUN) and can close rest of the days.
  3. One of My Favorite Pic. The feel is awesome when evening or morning light rays fall inside truck. Another one here
  4. Falcon Trucking | Trucking Your Imagination | ETS2

    Thank you for the approval prime
  5. Falcon Trucking | Trucking Your Imagination | ATS

    Thank you for the approval prime and thank you artic wolf
  6. Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    This is a Big Update that Helps VTCs a lot and even users too. Big headache of taking Empty trailers with mod is not needed now. For convoys and Casual playing, you can apply VTC paintjobs to trailer aswell. Trailer Response is very good that you don't even feel that you are driving B-Doubles. Lot of Customization to the trailers. Got Very good impression. IDK how virtual speditor is gonna work with this but Truly promising update from SCS.
  7. Quote

    Big Update beta - 1.32. Truly promising Update from SCS. This is B-Doubles Trailer with good Response while turning. Driving in Scandinavia by the way.

    Our Website is down and moving to .com domain. We are moving to next level  :wub:




  8. What is your favorite ingame Picture?

    That is Falcon Trucking VTC. Here is the Website: Here
  9. Pic of the day...!

    Was Driving in Promods with brand new Falcon Skin. On the way I met icelandair. Thought of sharing.




  10. Why is ATS not as popular as ETS2?

    There are Less garages and services, not every city has a garage. The Roads are deserted, looks same everywhere. ATS May get attention If they do more WOT events. ATS Needs better Trucks, Powerful Engines and Customization like Mighty Griffin. There is long way to go. In My opinion VTCs also should encourage players by doing convoys in ATS too. Most of the people now has got ATS. The main point is SCS Software should stop releasing each state as DLC....LOL.
  11. As a part of the convoy conducted on 4th and 5th, AUG we had selected the best visually appealing truck on ETS2 and ATS among the falconites . The Best Truck award goes to MCM4UForum Profile. ]


    Congrats  MCM4U on winning best truck award on both ETS2 and ATS





    Some of the pictures from convoy






  12. [SCS Blog] Update 1.32 Appetizer: Trailer Ownership

    No We can use virtual speditor for creating custom cargoes. I am not talking about that. Let us say We have sun rise paintjob for truck, if we have trailer ownership we can apply the same paint to the trailer as well. you got my point?
  13. Maximum Speed for cars

    I agree with @Caricature We should have our control over our trucks and cars. Why cant we go slowly than implementing the speed limit. This is not a racing game, just simulation game. You should feel the drive. should feel the sound and nature. Should feel that you are real driver. People should have the maturity to understand this game. Rammers and trollers will get punished anyways. So, you record your game for your safety, let others die how ever they want.
  14. New Truck coming to ETS 2

    Mercedes truck has no tuning pack and for volvo too. I would be good if they release tuning packs for both. I am expecting more powerful trucks like volvo 750HP.