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      You're welcome ;) 

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  2. Fizzicek11


    Yes, everything is allright, thanks everyone for help ! You can close this discussion now.
  3. Fizzicek11

    truckersmp launcher has stopped working

    Hey, did you tried to reinstall the launcher? If not try it. Maybe you should try reinstall the main game. Did you installed the truckersmp right? Try to run it as administrator. Than reinstall windows ( not recommended)
  4. Fizzicek11

    Cargo on truckersMP Forum

    Yep, thanks !
  5. Fizzicek11

    Cargo on truckersMP Forum

    Good day, I know its a bad question but i just want to ask, when somebody is answering on my questions, I can see they have at profile "no cargo" or something like this, I gonna send photo... Thanks. EDIT: Now I can see its a rank, can anyone say me how to get higher rank? Thanks.
  6. Fizzicek11


    Good day, I decided I gonna start uploading videos on youtube and report these kids which dont know how to drive truck. ( or car) So I want to ask, how many reports i can do per day? Thanks.
  7. Fizzicek11


    Yep, everything is done :)
  8. Fizzicek11

    Infinite raining

    Thanks a lot guys!
  9. Fizzicek11


    Thanks everybody!
  10. Fizzicek11

    Infinite raining

    Good day, I just want to ask. Im playing this game like 200 hours, and I got all 200 hours raining, anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks.
  11. Fizzicek11


    Good day, I want to ask, when i record somebody is ramming, blocking, etc. Where should I upload the video? Thanks.
  12. Fizzicek11


    Good day, I just want to ask, i dont know if this is normal, but when im playing ( driving on random roads, doesnt care) I met a lot of time firefighters without cars, just only firefighters on the roads, is it bug? Its only in multiplayer, thanks. Fizzicek11.