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  1. Cowie

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Congratulations ??

    1. Davnoz


      Cheers Joe, good to have you back on MP as well :P

  3. Just can't stop driving since coming back to the TruckersMP network :D @iHobbit @EsssKay




    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Brilliant photos ?:wub:

    2. MrJakeeee


      See you tonight yes? ❤️

  4. Andreas, pogggg!!

    1. Andreas.


      Pogggg Joe :D

  5. Lovely drive in ProMods today with @Ratcho on our legit profiles :) 


  6. Lovely to drive the Real Ops event today with @MrJakeeee @Μatt and @iHobbit :)




  7. Lovely first drive back on TMP with my main neighbours; @Μatt @EsssKay @iHobbit @Ratcho @Chris [PL]❤️







    1. MrJakeeee


      Surprised your driving a car without covering it in BrokeBoys stickers :D

  8. Joe_

    community rep: 690.



  9. Happy birthday!:wub:

  10. Good luck to you!:wacko:

  11. Hi everyone.

    I've got something I need you to know.


    I've been in the TMP community since it was ETS2MP and I've loved it since then and still do.

    Ever since I saw there where game moderators, I wanted to be one, and that was my goal in TMP.

    Recently I had become close friends with KIKI, who at the time was Sr. HR. And I had also submitted a GM application, which he knew because I'd told him and he could see it. During the time that my application was getting reviewed, I got banned for going the wrong way in ghost mode where I loaded the wrong save. I appealed it and it got denied, and KIKI got wind of this and knew my side of the story so I submitted a feedback and KIKI actually got it raised to PM (Konfig at the time). I was very greatful for this as this meant my GM application wasn't down the drain. Then, during my interview for GM it was mainly Anri asking me the questions and KIKI was reading my interview (he'd left the team at this point) from me sharing it because he was intrigued. And Anri brought up the fact that I had a ban and even though it was removed by PM, he was still bringing it up into the interview which me and KIKI both thought was wrong, either way, I'm not sure what happened but Marco ended up taking over my interview and it went well, and I got accepted into the team as a TGMO. So here I am, sat, happy and as content as I've ever been getting trained by BlocKing who was great. Now, a few days into my training, I'm still friends with KIKI and then he posted his statement. If you don't know what it was, you can find out from others, I'm not here to spread it. Either way, I agreed with him as he wrote about some people in the TMP staff team that he thought where corrupt. He also leaked some GM information, which imo was unneeded but I didn't say anything.

    Aek released a statement to the staff team on which he only wanted the staff team to view and I stupidly leaked it to who I thought was my best friend at the time. Little did I know he didn't really think of me as a friend.

    The leaks continued, (not from me, from someone else), he had collected so much as SHR so he continued to leak things not even related to the "corrupt staff" and so I voiced my opinion to him and this is where our friendship began to go downhill.

    He didn't like that I'd challenged something, but he had leaked some messages between anri and scottish, scottish is a good friend of mine and what where in the messages was not to be shared what-so ever and I told him that, he just shrugged it off saying they weren't his screenshots. He leaked the GM ban quota, he leaked the ban system and was leaking lots of messages from the TMP Staff discord. All irrelevant to the "corrupt staff".

    Again, I challenged all this and he didn't like that.

    Me and another person said in the staff discord we *could* leak his number but both of us weren't because it's just stupid to do so. 

    Either way, he took this really badly and said he was going to report us both to the authorities, and he was going to expose me for leaking.

    Either way, I was going to tell the other staff that I leaked, just I was waiting for the other leaker to be found because the upper staff probably think it's me who leaked everything atm, which I can understand.

    I realize this will have ruined my chances of GM, the only thing I ever wanted in TMP, it will have ruined already made and other possible relationships with people, and a perm ban will probably be following from what I've been told by staff, I can only hope I don't get perm banned as I have a massive passion for trucking and I'm only really a multiplayer type of person.


    Thank you to all who understand and thanks for reading.

    I'm truly sorry for what I did.



    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. ZombieZz


      Sad to see you leave like this. :( Shouldn't have leaked information... 

  12. @MattTM @K0rnholio and @Terry A appearing here and there <3






    1. Matt


      Nice driving tonight Joe, long overdue :love:

    2. Terry A
  13. Lovely first staff convoy <3


    @K0rnholio @MattTM and there's @iHobbit somewhere behind us ;P






    1. Matt


      Enjoyed driving with ya Joe, looking forward to tonight as well :3

    2. Rico


      Nice ones ;)

  14. Nice driving with @iHobbit today <3




    1. Davnoz


      Dunno what ur on about... I cant drive :troll:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  15. Congrats Joe!

    1. Joe_


      Thanks Derwino!! 

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