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  1. It would be the goal more funny done by @Mike Dragon:troll:



    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The game said it was mine so who am I to disagree with it, right? :troll: 

  2. Me and @Mike Dragon in Public Convoy! It was great! :wub:



    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      It was fun to lead it. :3

  3. Good Afternoon! :wub:



    1. Froncy


      Good afternoon Virablas!

    2. CrackPrewier


      Good Afternoon,Nice Photo :)

  4. Just another normal day in Real Operations V3 :o


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    2. WTLVTC - Smalley

      WTLVTC - Smalley

      De sync or what 

    3. Virablas


      I don't know how, but... hahah xD

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      same thing happened me at one point, I stopped didn't hit the truck infront but he fell over :o must have been a lag spike or de sync :mellow:

  5. Join the SOFTUF discord! (@Penguin Forum) You will like it!

    Using this link: . See u there!

  6. Parabéns pra tí brother, Felicidades, tamo junto ! 

    1. Virablas


      Valeu mano! tmj

  7. Obrigado por seguir meu perfil ! 

    1. Virablas


      Obrigado também! :D 

  8. (Lublin - Karlskrona). Thank you for the trip! :D @Mike Dragona17OlVZ.png

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      My pleasure! ^-^ Thank you for inviting me!

  9. ^ lol. But it helps! I think...
  10. Without the mod "no damage" will have more people concerned with damage and less troll. Thanks!
  11. Happy new year all! See you next year in MP :D



    1. BigLarge


      Happy new year all

  12. After the great livestream of the TruckersMP on twitch. :D


  13. Topic

    How can I delete a topic? It's possible?
  14. Valeuu mano Obrigado pelo o Follow :D

  15. When your internet isn't ok: 


    1. Akoa


      Did you realize that a member of the convoy has 1469 ms? :D:D

    2. Virablas


      Yep! He who flies! :lol: