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    Well, I like creating websites, I like spending time with my family, I like trucks, like if I see one on the streets, I got to touch it and take photos until I get told off. I like playing football, and many other stuff.
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  1. Ever had errors when you want to play ETS2? Well, never fear! Nadz is here! So, errors? Quite annoying when you want to jump onto the roads and listen to some Euro Truck Radio right? Well... here are some error fixes that may help you! 1) Internal Error [ERROR 500] Well, there are many reason why this may happen, but most likely it is the server end of TruckersMP. It may be too many people are trying to update at the same time or it may be stuff like this, however, if you try later, it should be fixed, however, in some cases, it may not, then pleas
  2. What coding languages do you know? I know: HTML CSS A bit of C++ I want to learn JS so I can get to making amazing websites ect and I want to learn more C++. I think coding helps me recover after getting banned from TMP for "ramming" but yeah. What do you know/what do you want to learn?
  3. woah.. very interesting. definiatly will be trying! vouch
  4. i like volvo because it has a 750HP and is good to get speed and get around to places.
  5. i wont be using this, but might be useful for other people, thanks though!
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