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      Nice photo 👍

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      A wonderful photo and truck. :truestory:

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      Great Photo Kocalparslan97. :HaulieLove:

  2. Dear @KacaKTV, I hope this message finds you well. I recently came across the suggestion to eliminate the in-game TAG system and utilize the VTC system from the TruckersMP website as an automatic in-game TAG. While I appreciate the creativity and thought put into this idea, I would like to provide constructive feedback on why it might not be the most practical solution. Firstly, the in-game TAG system serves as a quick and convenient way for players to identify and associate with specific groups or Virtual Trucking Companies (VTCs) during their gameplay. Removing this feature could potentially hinder the seamless communication and camaraderie that the current in-game TAG system facilitates. Moreover, the proposed alternative of using the VTC system from the TruckersMP website as an automatic in-game TAG might pose challenges in terms of real-time updates and synchronization. Players often join or leave VTCs, and ensuring immediate reflection of these changes in-game without the TAG system could be a complex task. While the comparison to the Steam Group Tag system in CS:GO is interesting, it's essential to consider the unique dynamics and requirements of TruckersMP. The in-game TAG system has been designed to cater specifically to the multiplayer trucking environment and has become an integral part of the player experience. Instead of completely eliminating the in-game TAG system, a more effective approach might involve refining or enhancing its functionalities based on user feedback. This could address any existing limitations while maintaining the essential role it plays in fostering community engagement. I appreciate the effort put into proposing innovative ideas for the TruckersMP platform and look forward to further discussions on how we can enhance the overall user experience. Best regards, kocalparslan97
  3. In this example, I can provide a straightforward illustration related to variable types. Integer Types: Integer types represent whole numbers and include int, short, long, and unsigned int. Floating-Point Types: Floating-point types, such as float and double, are used for numbers with decimal points. Character Type: The char type is used to store single characters, like letters or symbols. Boolean Type: The _Bool type is used for Boolean values, typically representing true or false. #include <stdio.h> int main() { // Integer Types int integerNumber = 10; short shortNumber = 5; long longNumber = 1000; unsigned int unsignedInteger = 20; // Floating-Point Types float floatingNumber = 3.14; double doubleFloating = 2.71828; // Characters char character = 'A'; // Boolean Values _Bool booleanValue = 1; // 1 represents true // Printing Variables to the Console printf("Integer: %d\n", integerNumber); printf("Short: %hi\n", shortNumber); printf("Long: %ld\n", longNumber); printf("Unsigned Integer: %u\n", unsignedInteger); printf("Floating-Point: %f\n", floatingNumber); printf("Double Floating-Point: %lf\n", doubleFloating); printf("Character: %c\n", character); printf("Boolean Value: %d\n", booleanValue); // Basic Mathematical Operations int sum = integerNumber + shortNumber; float product = floatingNumber * doubleFloating; // Printing Operations to the Console printf("Sum: %d\n", sum); printf("Product: %f\n", product); return 0; }
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