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Dear players, You may have noticed we now have a new Event Team in the community! This team has been setup to focus on the management and support of official TruckersMP events, such as; the monthly P

@Landark  every rank has it's use and impact on the team, The event team deserves to be recognized as part of TruckersMP for what they do.

As a retired member from the original team (of whom left due to lack of time due to other dedications), I'd like to wish the best of luck to the TruckersMP Event Team

Loving the pink guys. Looks good on ya. ;) Nice to see they are also recognized as part of the team :)

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1 hour ago, El1teZombiezHD said:

Is this team now officially part of the TMP Team? As in they are in Staff Discord etc...


They are part of the team officially now, yes.

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